HG-1 Hand Grinder

HG-1 Hand Grinder

This beautiful coffee grinder has no motor to burn out and is designed for low ground retention to avoid rancid coffee taste.

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$ 965

A great cup of coffee starts with the right grind. With the HG-1 Hand Grinder, the Craig Lyn Design Studio also gets you fine craftsmanship with its heirloom-quality construction. Thick, sandblasted plates of anodized aluminum form the outer shell, encasing steel fears, stainless steel shafts, and an 8.5-inch-wide flywheel. Four industrial-grade bearings make for a precise alignment for every grind, and there’s no motor to burn out.

A rancid coffee taste is often due to grounds that collect in the grinder and grow stale. Not so with the HG-1, which is designed for low ground retention by ensuring an easy exit for the grounds after running through the burrs. The HG-1 disassembles for fast cleaning and comes with a redistribution funnel and funnel wiper.