Herman Miller: A Way of Living' by Auscherman, Grawe, & Ransmeier

‘Herman Miller: A Way of Living’ by Auscherman, Grawe & Ransmeier

A comprehensive portrait of the Herman Miller furniture company and its lasting influence.

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If you love beautiful books and have an interest in art, photography, fashion, architecture, design, food, and/or travel, then you probably already have a book by Phaidon. If you care in the least about furnishings for the home and office, then you have definitely heard about Herman Miller.

To tell the Herman Miller story, Phaidon tapped the talents of cultural experts and skilled writers Amy Auscherman, Sam Grawe, and Leon Ransmeier. The three authors present a comprehensive portrait of the venerable furniture company, allowing its rich history and lasting influence to stretch out comfortably over 10 distinct chapters and more than 600 pages. Of course, as a Phaidon book, Herman Miller: A Way of Living includes tons of lush color photographs and features an incredibly beautiful hardbound design.