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Hardgraft Watch Accessories Collection

Safeguard Your Timepieces With Hardgraft’s New Watch Accessories Collection

An elegant way to protect your precious timepieces while traveling or just in-between wears.

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Since its founding in 2007 when Hardgraft produced its first product — a laptop sleeve — the brand has spent a tireless 14 years searching for the best suppliers, materials, and manufacturers to ensure that it does justice to its minimally sophisticated designs. 100 percent of Hardgraft’s leather goods, footwear, and clothing are all made in Italy from locally sourced Italian and European materials. Always seeking to “create products with a compelling blend of personality and purity,” Hardgraft is known for using supple leathers that lend the pieces it produces a soft and patently “human touch.”

One such set of products is found in the new release of the Hardgraft Watch Accessories Collection. Comprising three watch storage-related items, all of which are made of Italian leather, these new products offer practical and elegant ways to protect your horological pieces. Hardgraft has created the Timeless Watch Pocket, available in off grey, black, and classic (natural) colorways. The Watch Pocket, available in regular and long sizes, is essentially a leather-clad watch sleeve with a felt lining and button closure that ensures your timepiece is well-protected and dust-free in-between wears. The other offering is the Collectors Watch Case, also available in the same colorways as the Timeless Watch Pockets. This is a round zippered case that holds a watch on its side to safeguard it when traveling. Conversely, the Hardgraft Collectors Watch Case can be propped up to display the watch upon arrival at the user’s destination.

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