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Grovemade Walnut Watch 02

Designed in collaboration with a former Nike watch creator, the Grovemade Walnut Watch 02 features a uniquely beautiful face of American black walnut.

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The Walnut Watch 02 isn’t the first Grovemade timepeice that has caught our eye here at IMBOLDN. Located in the innovative product design capital of Portland, Oregon, Govermade draws upon the creative resources of 20 designers and craftsmen to create premium accessories that are made from high-quality hardwood and other premium materials. Its overarching mission is simple: “make cool stuff and have fun doing it”!

Turning the company’s early watch design efforts on their ear, the Grovemade Walnut Watch 02 is the result of years of ongoing research and development. It was designed in collaboration with former Nike watch creator Stefan Andrén. With moving parts from Japan and a module from China, this unique timepiece is truly an international product. The Walnut Watch 02 receives its laser-cut vegetable-tanned leather strap and undergoes final assembly at Grovemade’s Portland headquarters.

Specifically highlighting the natural attributes, grain flow, and beautiful imperfections of its American black walnut face, the Walnut Watch 02 features a three-dimensional dial design that is far easier to read than those of previous Grovemade watches. The watches inner workings are secured in a stainless steel case and powered by a standard replaceable lithium battery that typically lasts 2 to 3 years. An excellent gift, each Grovemade Walnut Watch 02 comes ready-wrapped in striking heavyweight matte black paper.