Grado White Headphone Limited Edition

Grado White Headphone Limited Edition

The Grado White Headphone Limited Edition’s high-quality sound feels like you’re listening to your favorite songs for the first time.

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$ 795

The last thing that probably comes to mind when you’re buying a pair of headphones is craftmanship. With pair after pair having their wires fray after only a few months, sometimes buying a new set just seems like a means to that inevitable end. The Grado White Headphone Limited Edition completely bucks that trend. Handmade in Brooklyn, this limited edition pair of studio-quality headphones isn’t just built to last – it’s built to deliver high fidelity sound over a lifetime.

The signature sound of these headphones makes listening to a favorite song that you’ve heard a hundred times before like an entirely new experience altogether. The pristine sound captured by the headphones ranges from booming bass to high pitch treble. The platter maple insulated 50mm de-stressed drivers allow the headphones to keep their tune for consistent quality even between drastically different songs. The white finish is accented by a black leather headband that makes these headphones as easy on the eyes as they are on the ears. You’ll have to act soon to soak it all in because they’ll only be on sale through the end of the year.