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GIR Voltaire

GIR Voltaire

Portable coffee grinder that can also detect your bean’s freshness.

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Good coffee really just boils down to two things; fresh beans and consistent grind. There may be extraneous factors like personal preference, but with these two things on point, you are guaranteed a good cup of joe. GIR sets out to simplify the process of getting these two points right with their new coffee grinder, Voltaire.

To get the best grinds, it features conical ceramic burrs that are usually featured in larger grinders. Coupled with a steeples adjustment collar, the Voltaire produces consistent grinds that can be fine tuned to your needs with expert precision. To assure that your beans stay fresh, Voltaire will monitor your bean’s freshness or whether you are running low on beans and automatically order more from your favorite roasters if it detects otherwise. What’s even more, the device is highly portable, enabling you to enjoy fresh coffee from anywhere, anytime.