Furrion ROVA Electric Coole

Furrion ROVA Electric Cooler

Taking the cooler to a whole new extreme, with temperatures down to -22 C, 7-day battery, and ice retention for 10 days without power.

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You might think that there couldn’t be much to report in the world of the common cooler. After all, big brands like Coleman have had decades to perfect their game. But these fridge icons shouldn’t get cocky, because the startup Furrion is taking it to a whole new extreme with the ROVA Electric Cooler, sporting a structural design and walls that are packed with ice-saving, pressure-injected, commercial grade polyurethane foam.

Simply plug the ROVA into any wall outlet, DC connection, or USB cord to power an onboard compressor that circulates cold air into the main cavity and facilitates proficient cooling or freezing down to -8 Fahrenheit or -22 Celsius (i.e. Canadian winter). The ROVA’s built-in Furrion ePod Battery can provide up to 7 days of cooling on a single charge. Even without any power source, it keeps ice for up to 10 days. Now you know what cooler to take with you on that extended road trip to New Mexico.