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Function101 Workspace Collection

Function101 Workspace Collection: Elevate Your Apple Tech Experience

A range of innovative products designed to enhance your Apple tech experience.

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Function101, known for its innovative tech accessories, has unveiled its latest Workspace Collection, a range of products designed to enhance your Apple tech experience. These products are not only functional but also stylish, catering to those who want to get the most out of their Apple devices.

Desk Mat Pro: Crafted from premium PU Pebble Leather with a faux suede bottom, the Desk Mat Pro not only protects your desk from spills and scratches but also features magnetic cable management. Two silicone cable managers can be attached anywhere on the mat, keeping your cables organized and preventing them from falling to the floor. With dimensions of 31 inches by 16 inches, it offers ample space for your workspace.

Elevate: Elevate is a versatile stand designed for MacBooks and iPads. It offers four viewing positions, improving screen ergonomics and enhancing the quality of video calls. Its slim and compact form makes it suitable for both home and office use, and it’s easily portable for on-the-go productivity.

MagSafe Coaster: This custom-molded silicone coaster keeps your MagSafe Charger securely in place on your workspace. Its clever design allows for one-handed release of your iPhone from the charger, and it features an embedded bottom magnet to anchor your MagSafe to any metal surface.

Cable Blocks: The original Cable Blocks is a magnetic cable management system comprising four premium silicone blocks. They help keep your cables organized on your workspace and prevent them from dropping to the floor.

BentoStack: The BentoStack is a compact accessory case for Apple tech, perfect for travel or workspace organization. It features four stackable layers to neatly store your Apple essentials, including an iPhone flip stand, charging cables, AirPods, Apple Watchbands, Apple Pencil, power bricks, and wall chargers. It comes with two sizes of silicone bands for added flexibility.

Function101’s Workspace Collection offers practical and elegant solutions to streamline your workspace and elevate your Apple tech experience. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, these accessories help you stay organized and efficient while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic.

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