‘Free Guy’ Official Trailer

Guy and the rest of the Free City characters face impending doom unless he can keep their game from going offline.

Meet Guy, an ordinary, perhaps even slightly boring man who works as a bank teller…or so he thought. As the Free Guy Official Trailer hints at, Guy is actually a non-playable, background character in an open-play video game. The game, which is called Free City, seems to be a combination of Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto.

Originally in development with 21st Century Fox before the studio was acquired by Disney, Free Guy is a science fiction action comedy produced by Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy. Ryan Reynolds also stars in the film as the title character.

Eventually, Guy realizes that he’s living in a video game and that the developers are moving to take it offline for good. Determined to stop that from happening at all costs, Guy transforms into a hero who leads a race against time to save his world.