Florentine Kitchen Knives

Florentine Kitchen Knives

Excellent personalized knives with different blade finish options, handle styles, and colors.

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When you think about exceptional knife-making traditions, Tel Aviv and Barcelona are probably not the first cities to spring to mind. However, the Tel Aviv born and Barcelona headquartered Florentine Kitchen Knives works with fine Swedish stainless steel and superlative French carbon steel to make exceptional chef, paring, and table knives to order.

Whether composed of stainless steel or carbon steel, these blades come with four different finish options. You can also choose between scaled and stacked handles in a broad spectrum of color options for further personalization.

Florentine supports a convenient and user-friendly website that allows you to personalize your knife orders by prompting selections in a number of key categories. The company plans to offer entirely bespoke knives in the near future. Florentine also offers a full line of accessories from sharpening stones to leather blade guards to protect and care for these knives.