Fliteless Dress Shoes

Built for actual comfort, these dress shoes look sharp and won't feel like a metal-lined straitjacket for your toes.

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If you’ve been wearing those hard, flat dress shoes that look sharp but feel like a metal-lined straitjacket for your toes, we have news.

Fliteless dress shoes are made for comfort. Like real, carefully-designed cushioning so you won’t be dying to take them off after a couple of hours. Fliteless dress shoes come with insoles designed to fit your lifestyle, whether you’re on your feet all day, frequently walk miles of hallways or airport concourses, or just want to do a few handsprings on occasion without changing into sneaks.

The best thing about these dress shoes, however, is that they look like real dress shoes, not a blatant compromise. Coming in different designs and colors, these are the shoes that look amazing, offer absurd comfort, and make it easier to get in your 10,000 (or 20,000, who are we kidding?) steps.