Five Two Double-Sided Cutting Board

Just the right size, just the right weight, and two sides to suit all your cutting needs.

The Five Two cutting board is more than just a surface for chopping onions. Featuring a two-sided design, each side serves a practical purpose. On one side, a slim slot on the upper right corner allows you to stand your smartphone up so you don’t get carrot-juicy fingerprints all over your phone while preparing a mirepoix. A smooth, beveled edge allows you to effortlessly slide your chopped goods into the pan of your choice.

If you need to chop something juicier, just flip it over to use another chopping surface, one that’s surrounded by a depressed groove and small wading pool to collect the runoff you’d rather not have on your shoes. It’s a cheese board, a carving platter, you name it. It’s just the right size, and just the right weight.