Fimbulvetr HIKR Lightweight Snowshoes

Fimbulvetr HIKR Lightweight Snowshoes

A smaller snowshoe with all-mountain capabilities, the Fimbulvetr HIKR packs maximum performance into a relatively compact package.

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When it comes to snowshoes, it’s all about size. Larger shoes offer greater stability when crossing snowy terrain, but smaller shoes are far more convenient and manageable. Well, now you don’t need to choose between the two, thanks to the Fimbulvetr HIKR Lightweight Snowshoes.

A medium-sized snowshoe with all-mountain capabilities, HIKR packs maximum performance into a relatively compact package. Thanks to its unibody mold of DuPont Hytrel thermoplastic polyester, its patented all-direction hinge, and its two stainless steel crampons, this product is both incredibly light and incredibly effective. Whether your are traversing flat ground or tackling steep inclines, HIKR is expertly designed to let you travel easily over deep powder. Their ergonomic structure allows for multi-directional weight and force distribution that makes these snowshoes feel just like a normal pair of winter hiking boots. HIKR’s creators have optimized the product for strength in key pressure areas and for flexibility in key areas of movement.

HIKR provides “one size fits all” adjustability through its Hytrel bindings and frame. This incredible material is incredibly strong and able to withstand extreme cold temperatures as low as negative 90° Fahrenheit. It is also fully recyclable.