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Filson Field Series

Presenting The Filson Field Series

Made with premium reverse sateen fabric, a durable midweight cotton worn by generations of soldiers.

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American clothing manufacturer Filson has pioneered outdoor clothing since its founding in 1897, beginning with the iconic Original Hunting Coat which delivered high-quality waxed cotton for athletes. Over the years, it’s produced everything from cruising shirts and custom jackets to rugged bags designed for long stays in the wilderness. Its latest releases reflect this rich and credible heritage as high-end clothing manufacturers with the Filson Field Series, which brings together cargo pants with a jac-shirt and durable cargo shorts.

Each entry comes in washed fatigue green, delivering a classic aesthetic for outdoor use in forests. Inspired by the hard-wearing clothing of the Second World War, they use double-layer construction and offer a utilitarian fit that enhances their practicality.

Utilizing a midweight fabric for resistance to long-term wear and tear, the cargo pants help alleviate discomfort with a smooth, frictionless inside weave. There’s plenty of space for accessories in both front and rear pockets, with protected flaps to keep content safe and protected from the elements. The cargo pants even include an additional hidden pocket inside the waistband for stowing valuables with peace of mind.

Filson carries through this combination of hard-wearing and study materials with extensive pockets in their Field series cargo shorts. Designed to promote healthy circulation, the cargo shorts are inspired by US Army-issued shorts assigned to troops in 1941 during the invasion of Normandy. Wrapping up the Filson Field Series is the Jac-Shirt, complete with a reverse-sateen weave and layering for both comfort and warmth on winter expeditions.

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