FBF Collezione

FBF Collezione by N2B Arquitetos

Custom-built for a major collector, this exhibition space for a unique array of classic cars and motorcycles also facilitates maintenance.

We’ve featured a number of noteworthy homes that reflect the precise wants and needs of their occupants over the years. This time, we’re looking at an exhibition structure that was custom-built to accommodate residents of an entirely different kind.

At the behest of a major collector, Brazil’s N2B Arquitetos rose to the challenge of designing a space for a unique array of classic cars and motorcycles. Including many unique models in South America, this collection took nearly 30 years to come together, so N2B didn’t take its task lightly.

In order to facilitate maintenance as well as exhibition, FBF Collezione features access on several external faces and allows vehicles to drive throughout with little difficulty, even when transitioning from one floor to the next.

In addition to its main exhibition hall, FBF Collezione supports a mechanical workshop, general office space, and air conditioning and solar energy systems that promote ideal storage conditions.