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Exploded Samsung iPhone Skin

Exploded Samsung iPhone Skin

A merciless iPhone skin that’s on its way to becoming the hottest skin on the market.

Samsung may be one of the largest corporations in the world, but we don’t envy the recent attention they’ve been receiving. Not only has their exploding Galaxy Note 7 been grabbing headlines, an impressive feat given that it was able to make its way through the massive amounts of Trump-related news, it’s been banned from airplanes as a “forbidden hazardous material under the Federal Hazardous Material Regulations.” Samsung probably can’t wait for the incident to be forgotten from the public’s memory, but that may take a while given the publicity of the incident which has also lead to a variety of memes online.

The latest to poke fun at the misfortunes of the Korean conglomerate is the Exploded Samsung iPhone Skin, a tongue-in-cheek and merciless way to dress up your iPhone as a burnt device. Designed specifically for the iPhone, it’s laser cut to ensure a perfect fit on all iPhone models, although the joke may be a premature one as there have been reports of the new iPhone 7 exploding in extreme heat as well. One of the best Holloween costumes for the iPhone this year, the Exploded Samsung iPhone Skin should be one of the hottest iPhone skins of this season.