Everlane ReNew All Weather Jacket

Everlane ReNew All-Weather Jacket

This stylish all-weather jacket is made almost entirely from recycled plastic.

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$ 88

You don’t have to research the issue very long before realizing that our planet is drowning in plastic. In landfills, at sea, and virtually everywhere you look, plastic waste is accumulating. And once it’s here, it’s here for good.

At least the California clothing brand Everlane is committed to eliminating all newly produced plastic from its entire supply chain by 2021. The first step toward this ambitious goal is the launch of its ReNew Collection, the first release from which is the stylish and functional All-Weather Jacket. With the exception of its trim and zipper components, the Everlane ReNew All-Weather Jacket is made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles.

Aside from its environmental friendliness, this jacket does everything that you would expect from a high-quality rugged coat; it’s warm, windproof, water-resistant, and looks great in your choice of navy, olive, or black.