Urwerk EMC Time Hunter

Urwerk Gives The EMC Time Hunter A Military-Inspired Makeover

The EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage Watch features a reader with state of the art design that includes a micro-generator built by Maxon.

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$ 122,320

When you’re in the thick of it, you need equipment that will survive the elements. You need gear that will be there when you require it most —  you need the Urwerk EMC Time Hunter. This watch ensures precision like no other by using a movement that also measures amplitude. The Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Desert Sage Watch gives a stalwart of the watchmaker a military-inspired makeover, fitting for its functionality and durability. The timepiece features a reader with state of the art design and craftsmanship, including a micro-generator built by Maxon, a Swiss company that built motors for NASA’s Mars rovers. Built into the watch is a powerful, 80-hour power reserve, plus both precision and amplitude indicators.

The watch is 100% fully mechanical, so despite having next generation information presented to you on a watch, there are no digital readers. The case is finished in a desert sage colorway that imbues the watch with the tactical appeal worthy of a special operative ready to embark upon a high stakes mission. The watch’s performance is worth that allure. Everything has been finely tuned for precision, beauty, and longevity. The watch is water resistant up to 3 ATM (over 30 meters) and has a case width of 43mm. With incredible design and breathtaking sophistication, few watches can stack up with the Urwerk EMC Time Hunter.