Eli ZERO Electric Vehicle

Incredibly compact, simple, and agile, the Eli ZERO might revolutionize the notion of what a "car" can be.

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Marketed as the electric vehicle of the future, the Eli ZERO has been covered by automotive and technology media giants that range from the Automotive News to Wired. Incredibly compact, simple, agile, and engaging, this electric vehicle seems to have what it takes to live up to its rapidly-building hype.

The Eli ZERO is poised to revolutionize the notion of what a “car” can be in the modern world. Specifically designed to function in urban and suburban neighborhoods, it measures less than 89 inches in length and 55 inches in width. Lightweight as well as small, the Eli ZERO’s high-tensile, all-aluminum body frame is designed to produce a remarkably small carbon footprint during the manufacturing process.

Powered by a system of advanced lithium-ion battery cells, the Eli ZERO is capable of traveling 55 miles at a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour on a single charge. There are two different ways to charge this vehicle quickly and easily. Either use as standard 110V outlet for a 6-hour charge time or use a standard Level-2 plug to reduce charge time to just 4.5 hours. Either way, the Eli ZERO offers 3 times the energy density when compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.