ELEMNT Death Trooper Python Skin Helmet

ELEMNT's ridiculously indulgent Death Trooper python skin helmet is the ultimate item for any Star Wars superfan.

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ELEMNT is a new brand that produces absolutely breathtaking and luxurious items that you never knew you always wanted. Began in 2016 to produce bespoke accessories that are both playful and imposing, the brand has catered to a curated group of celebrities, musicians, and influencers.

ELEMNT’s Death Trooper Python Skin Helmet is the ultimate gift for the fanatical Star Wars fan. Crafted from the original molds of the Death Trooper helmet used in the films, the limited edition helmet is an indulgent piece of fan paraphernalia. The headpiece is fully wrapped in genuine python skin, incorporating each and every authentic dent and abrasion. Branded on the back with ELEMNT’s 24k gold emblem, the helmet is an eye-catching art piece for the home or office. For those more intrepid owners, the helmet is also wearable… just because.

The Death Trooper python skin helmet comes packaged in a clear display case ready to be placed out on a table or in a presentation nook. In keeping with the full Star Wars theme, the helmet and case are neatly packed away into a branded, handmade, wooden freight box for shipping.

In keeping with ELEMNT’s dedication to bespoke craftsmanship, each helmet takes up to two weeks to produce, made in the brand’s workshop in New York out of cruelty-free skins and materials.

At $3,000 the Death Trooper python skin helmet is an expensive but magnificent way to indulge in Star Wars fandom.

Darth Vader and Kylo Ren versions are available as well.