Elemental Beverage Snapchiller

Elemental Beverage Snapchiller

Cool down piping hot beverages in seconds to enjoy cold without watering them down with ice.

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$ 6,000

The Elemental Beverage Snapchiller is perfect for the dog days of summer. The company’s innovative technology systematically chills and freezes even hot beverages of over 180° F in just a few seconds. A stainless steel evaporator coil and centralized mixer are at the core of its patent-pending design that all but defies the laws of thermodynamics by cooling liquid at a rate of 12 ounces per minute. The Snapchiller lets you enjoy cold, refreshing drinks without compromising their quality by watering them down with ice.

Its sleek and compact design makes it a perfect fit for any countertop. Airflow is directed from front to back so the device can be used to quickly cool down your favorite cup of coffee alongside the machine that brewed it. The snapchiller’s appearance evokes feelings of a high end café by delivering iced coffee in an instant, making mornings somewhat more tolerable.

Since prototypes of the machine were first revealed at 2017’s Coffee Fest in Portland, OR, the Massachusetts-based company has reconfigured its engineering to optimize performance. After finally perfecting its intricate design, the Elemental Beverage Snapchiller is available for preorder with expected delivery times set for late 2019.