Elemental Beverage Kolla Bolcha Snapchilled Coffee

Elemental Beverage Kolla Bolcha Snapchilled Coffee

Elemental Beverage’s Snapchilling technology preserves the taste of a Kolla Bolcha strain of Arabica that’s locally-sourced from Ethiopia.

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Arabica sourced from the Agaro region of Ethiopia makes the Elemental Beverage Kolla Bolcha Snapchilled Coffee  plenty appealing to coffee connoisseurs for its freshly harvested beans. However, when you combine the quality of that locally-sourced roast with Elemental Beverage’s one-of-a-kind method for preparing it, things get taken to a whole new level. The Massachusetts-based company has pioneered its proprietary Snapchilling technology to instantly cool down this coffee without using ice or chemicals. That means the Kolla Bolcha brew is refreshing without being watered down or having its organic ingredients tainted. The innovative process results in a cold brew that keeps its Arabica tasting as fresh as the day it was harvested.

Snapchilling helps Elemental Beverage bring out the subtle flavor profile of this strain of Arabica as well. The crisp fruity taste of the coffee offers the aromatic hints of watermelon and lavender followed by a palate-pleasing finish of rich honey. Each 6-pack of these cans of coffee is easily enjoyable on a hot summer’s day. Elemental Beverage also produces Vista Al Bosque from Guatemala and Kayanza, which originates in the East African region of Burundi.