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El Cosmico a 3D-Printed Glamping Retreat

El Cosmico In Marfa, Texas To Open World’s First 3D-Printed Hotel

The project will be a glamping retreat that expands El Cosmico’s current 21 acres to over 62 acres.

El Cosmico, a popular glamping destination located in Marfa, Texas, is about to undergo a major transformation that will feature a unique and innovative addition – the world’s first 3D-printed hotel. The project is set to be completed in 2024 and, in addition to the hotel, will feature a variety of accommodations including dome-shaped guest huts, 3D-printed homes, and communal spaces for workshops and events.

The 62-acre expansion of El Cosmico is a collaboration between Liz Lambert, a Texas hospitality magnate, Austin-based startup Icon, and the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), a Danish architectural firm known for its innovative designs. 3D-printing construction company Icon is currently contracted with NASA to build the first interplanetary homes on the moon and Mars. The new retreat will be constructed using 3D printing technology, a sustainable and efficient construction method that combines the oldest principles of raw earth-based building with futuristic technology. “I have had a vision for the evolution of El Cosmico for many years that includes several spaces that add to the experience both for guests and locals — a pool, a hammam, and more space for art and skills-building workshops,” Lambert shared in a statement.

The design will also incorporate local desert soil mixed into the concrete to echo the natural landscape, creating an immersive property. The project will include an infinity pool, cabanas, and an open-air spa, all designed to offer guests an unforgettable experience. The homes in the plans range in size from 1,200 to 2,200 square feet and feature two, three, and four bedrooms. The project could also “assess the opportunity to 3D-print affordable housing in Marfa,” which would meet the needs of the city’s expanding population.

Construction on the project is anticipated to start in 2024. With the promise of a unique and unforgettable experience, El Cosmico’s expansion will surely attract visitors from around the world.

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