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If you haven’t noticed, it’s winter. When temperatures plummet, and you’re constantly going back and forth between the frigid air outside and the dry heat in your home and office, your skin notices. And it’s generally not too happy about it. So if you haven’t winterized your skincare routine yet, here’s your guide to get through the rest of the season with a glowing visage.

First, think natural! We all know that what we put in our bodies has a huge effect on our health. But many of us forget that what we put on our bodies is hugely important as well. Up to 60% of what we put on our skin get absorbed into the bloodstream, so be sure to look at labels.

Next, exfoliate. Many men use their body wash on their face thinking this constitutes a solid skincare routine. In fact, this robs the skin of natural oils that it needs, leaving your skin dull and dry. Instead, use an exfoliator that will reduce blackheads, ingrown hairs, razor burn, and dullness.

Finally, moisturize. This is a big one. Cold air and cutting winds are the enemy of great skin. Arm yourself with protective shave gels, intense moisturizers, and repairing lip balms.

Here are some of the product lining our shelves:

ACURE ORGANICS Brightening Facial Scrub

Banish unwelcome blackheads and pimples with Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub. The formula includes sea kelp, aloe vera juice, green clay, lemon peel granules, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients, which creates a natural scrub that removes impurities and dead skin cells to reveal clear, glowing skin underneath.

BULLDOG Original Face Scrub

Packed with 8 essential oils, oat kernel, shea butter and olive seed to gently exfoliate the skin, the Original Facial Scrub from Bulldog offers straightforward skincare men who want products packed with natural ingredients.

ERNEST SUPPLIES Anti-Aging Moisturizer

This nature inspired, anti-aging moisturizer from Ernest Supplies is packed with vitamins A, C & E, the antioxidant benefits of acai, cupuaçu and green tea extracts. The unique, matte finish helps control oil and shine.


Formulated to achieve a close and comfortable shave leaving skin feeling smooth, soothed and hydrated, the Hydra-Shave Kit from Grown Alchemist will help even the most sensitive-skinned among us achieve the perfect shave.


This oil-free moisturizer from Baxter of California features plant-based technology that absorbs quickly to restore the skin’s moisture barrier. Green tea helps protect against free radicals and chamomile helps heal delicate facial skin.

JACK BLACK Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Enriched with superior skin conditioners and antioxidants, the Intense Therapy Lip Balm from Jack Black soothes and relieves dry, chapped, irritated lips. Unlike waxy sticks, it penetrates quickly to provide instant relief. Offers broad-spectrum sun protection with an SPF of 25 and guards against windburn and temperature extremes.