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As the mercury plummets and puffy coats become the garments du jour, it seems an opportune time to shine the spotlight on pieces that are as functional as they are stylish. Winter may give off a slightly dim vibe where sartorial efforts are concerned—and that’s precisely why it’s so critical to arm yourself with outdoor gear designed to see you through the season without a hitch. If you’re currently lacking in this department, take your cue from these clothes and accessories that pull it all together and make even the most arctic of days seem bearable.

Get Vested

There are days that promise more of a brisk wind than a historic snowstorm. Those are the occasions that call for layers that respect the season without adding unnecessary bulk to your frame. From the Kühl Spyfire series comes M’s Spyfire Vest ($189). Deceptively sleek in appearance, it packs a punch with its articulate design that incorporates a trio of warming fabrics. Plush 800-fill down locks in your body heat, while a multitude of pockets ensure there’s a place for everything. It’s also built with reflective notches for enhanced visibility.

Woolly Comfort

May all visions of itchy wool hereby be vanquished to the back of your mind. Filson has introduced a contender that marries the rich weight of the winter fabric with the practicality of flexible nylon. The result is the Northwest Wool Shirt ($165), an effortlessly stylish top designed to go where you go without inhibiting comfort or restricting movement. From fishing to hiking, any activity is fair game. This top is also a smart layering piece—slip it on over a long-sleeve top for an added layer of protection from the elements.

Lit Up

Ask anyone who has ever attempted to keep a fire contained at a campsite—it calls for some genius. Enter the Solo Stove Bonfire ($299.98), an essentially portable fire pit that makes it simple to brighten and warm up your outdoor space without all the telltale smoke. Perfect for those early winter outdoor getaways or even a beach trip, the stainless steel unit is as pleasing to the eye as it is thoughtfully designed. It burns wood cleanly and efficiently, leaving you with nothing but endless warmth.

Perfect Parka

If your active lifestyle finds you walking your dogs on a chilly morning or spending the majority of the day working in the field, a thick coat is undoubtedly your best friend for the season. The Canada Goose Langford Fur-Trimmed Down Parka ($950) is built to perform, with rib-knit cuffs that lock out moisture, a hood featuring a detachable coyote fur trim, and down/feather fill. A pair of heavy-duty pants and sturdy boots will complete this outfit perfectly.

Boots On

No outdoorsman should be without a pair of hefty boots to see him through everything from freezing rain to the snowstorm of the year. Danner Mountain Light ($380) ticks every box: it’s made with a 100% waterproof liner, boasts a pure leather upper, and is designed with impressive shock absorption that makes every step a breeze. Thick Vibram® Kletterlift outsoles were initially designed with law enforcement in mind—they’ll handle any surface with a sturdy grip no matter what the terrain.

Sturdy Knife

It’s well worth it to invest in a knife that handles more than a minimal slice. The beauty of the Benchmade 386 Saibu Fine Edge Knife ($215) is obvious from the start. It’s a remarkably constructed tool designed with quality satin-finish stainless steel and a handle accented with handsome wood accents. The devil, however, is in the details: the lock-folding mechanism that makes it safe to fold up and stow away when you don’t need it, the reversible pocket clip for simple transport, and the sleek blade designed to last and last.

Proper Pants

Inspired by the hunter lifestyle, these intrepid Columbia Sharptail Lined Pants ($65) don’t skip a step in their efforts to keep you sensibly protected and comfortable. They’re made with crisp, pure cotton and fully lined for an extra layer of warmth. The sun doesn’t stop shining just because temperatures drop, which is why they’re further enhanced with UPF 50 sun protection. They even repel moisture, ensuring that those telltale marks don’t leave a permanent reminder on your pant legs.