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Oh, Valentine’s Day. Corny cards, a heart shaped box of chocolates, an overpriced candlelit dinner surrounded by a bunch of other couples. While this sounds totally appealing, we have a feeling that you’re above that. So we’ve compiled a list of gifts sure to sweep your S.O. off their feet.

UrbanStems Bouquet

Flowers. Sounds pretty blah, right? Only if you swing by the deli on the way to your date and show up with a sad handful of wilted stragglers. A beautiful bouquet will always win you points with your significant other, regardless of whether it's a new relationship or your anniversary is in the double digits. If you live in NYC, Washington, D.C., Philly, or Baltimore, we recommend Urban Stems, a company that works with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms to offer fresh, hand delivered bouquets to your door (or wherever you choose). Pre-Order for Valentine's Day now.

Kicksmas Card

A card. This is a small detail, but one not to be overlooked. The card you choose can say "Hey, I totally forgot about this, but luckily I passed a Hallmark store on the way here." Or it can say "I'm hip, I'm funny, and I totally get you." If your love is a sneaker lover, the Valentine's Collection from Kicksmas Cards will go over well. Created by graphic designer Lauren Coutts, the cards feature iconic sneaker styles paired with puns like "I can’t stan to be without you" underneath an illustration of Stan Smiths.

Kink Starter Cards

A ... different type of card. Designed by Erotic Awakening, the Kink Starter Cards are sure to rekindle the creative spark when you feel like you've run out of ideas in the bedroom, or when you just want to shake things up. And what better time to do that than Valentine's Day? The 72 cards feature suggestions involving actions, scenes and accessories for whatever you are into.

Champagne. Champagne is never a bad idea. Pop a bottle of nice bubbly and toast to .... something. Anything. Check out this list of the best champagnes at every budget for 2017.

Ringly Smart Jewelry

Jewelry with a twist. You may not be ready to pop the question (and if you are, we beg you, don't do it on Valentine's Day), but a piece of jewelry can be a great V-Day gift. Especially if that jewelry serves as a fitness tracker, connects with over 100 apps, and looks great while doing it. Ringly's smart rings and bracelets will keep her effortlessly connected to the things that matter most.

Cashmere Blanket

Cashmere. On cold February nights, there aren't many things better than curling up next to a fire and enjoying a glass of wine or four with your S.O. A cashmere blanket is the perfect way to get cozy. Make sure it's small enough to ensure maximum physical contact but large enough to hide any hanky panky that might be going on underneath.