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With Airbnb rentals becoming the new way to make the most of your travels, why not spice things up a bit and book a stay that only adds more excitement to your adventure? That’s right, making a calculated effort to find a unique stay isn’t difficult when booking through Airbnb. Whether you end up in a tree house, a boat, an exotic cabana, or a windmill, these Airbnb rentals allow you to create your own adventure without consulting a travel advisor beforehand.

Although some have complained about what Airbnb rentals have done to the housing market, many have loved the fact that it offers fantastical structures that you can occupy for an evening. Here’s a look at some of the Airbnbs you should try to book for your next trip.

Special Delivery

Living in a shipping container has quickly become a modern, trendy way of living. So if you’re still on the fence when it comes to this new space to occupy, try vacationing in the double shipping container home located in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. This boxy space for rent is incredibly modern and will only make a visit to North Carolina that much more memorable.


The Magic School Bus

If you happen to be staying in Portland, Oregon, this former school bus-turned-Airbnb property might be worth a stay. Carrying nothing in common with the Into the Wild bus, you can enjoy the on-site spa or wellness services included with this magical Airbnb stay.


Is There A Draft In Here?

If you happen to be planning a trip to Amsterdam, this windmill for rent might deserve a visit. That’s right, you can stay in a windmill in Amsterdam. This windmill is has two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and a room to put your bike in the event you want to tour the town on two wheels.


Vacation Like A King

Have you ever wanted to live like a king? Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re in a Game Of Thrones episode minus the murder, drama, tragedy, backstabbing, dragons, or true horror of the HBO show? If so, a castle for rent in Ireland might be worth a look. This Airbnb property kept much of its original charm, so don’t pass on this opportunity!


Ahoy Matey!

Living in a boat is something that may have crossed your mind if you’ve ever thought about running away from the day to day demands of everyday life. Since actually pulling through with this idea is more complex than one would expect, you can give living in a houseboat a shot in Paris. Given the location of the houseboat in the Seine, you’ll have a hard time not falling in love in this city of lights. The space itself can fit up to eight people, so feel free to share the experience with the friends and family who can join you.


Can You Hear The Ocean?

If you ever plan on visiting Isla Mujeres, Mexico, you’ll have an Airbnb rental opportunity that you can’t pass up. Why? Well, there’s a little-known Airbnb rental called The Seashell House, which allows one to spend the night in – you guessed it – a seashell. Imagine explaining that to your coworkers at the water cooler when you come back home.


A Kid’s Dream Home

No matter what age demographic you may fall into, chances are you would have no problem doing something that would allow you to release your inner child. Thankfully, there’s a property on Airbnb in Atlanta that allows you to do exactly that. So what is it exactly? Well, it’s a tree house that has a bedroom, a deck, and a living room. Although you may not be able to binge on the junk food you could eat as a child due to heartburn, you can have the time of your life in a home tucked away in the trees.


Ready For Takeoff?

Sleeping in an airplane isn’t usually the best way to get some sleep, but this Airbnb stay in Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef is completely different. This Airbnb allows you to rent a plane to rest and relax in – minus the crying babies or fellow passengers taking up too much space. Taking a plane to sleep on a plane might seem ridiculous, but this Airbnb rental is well worth it and shouldn’t be missed.