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When it comes to traveling, being prepared is key. Whether you’re embarking on an epic adventure or simply hitting the road for a weekend getaway, having a reliable first aid kit on hand can make all the difference. That’s why our editors have compiled a comprehensive guide to the best travel first aid kits on the market, tailored specifically for the modern man on the move.

Overall Pick – MyMedic MyFAK Standard First Aid Kit

Say goodbye to your cheap box of bandages and gauze! The MyFAK Standard first aid kit is stocked with the high quality gear that can actually save your life. Equipped with 132 first aid items, the kit features a folding page design for enhanced organization, making it easy to find the right tool quicker and easier.


Best for Camping – EVERLIT 250-Piece Survival Kit

Perfect for the outdoorsman, this first aid kit contains essential first aid supplies and survival tools required for emergencies. Ideal for taking care of any medical or emergency needs during outdoor wilderness adventures such as camping, backpacking, hunting, and mountain biking. In addition to first aid supplies, it contains most essential survival gadgets including a mylar space blanket, 3-mode tactical flashlight, multi-function paracord bracelet (compass, whistle), flintstone, knife, saber card, two 12 hour glow sticks and emergency rain poncho.


Best for Hikers – Ultralight/Watertight Medical Kit

This waterproof kit will help you clean and close wounds with antiseptic wipes, butterfly bandages, sterile dressings, and a topical adhesive to hold bandages in place. Manage pain and illnesses with a wide array of included medications. It also provides blister prevention and protection: Stop blisters before they start with the included 14 die-cut moleskin pieces, pre-shaped to fit common problem areas.


Best for Dog Owners – Adventure Dog Medical Kit

Perfect to have when going on adventures with your pup, the Me & My Dog Kit is packed with comprehensive first aid solutions for you and your four-legged friend, on the trail, at camp, or hitting the road. The kit is housed in two waterproof DryFlex bags and contains first aid manuals for both you and your dog. The kit includes an SOL Emergency Blanket to treat shock and hypothermia, an emergency cold pack, a 10cc irrigation syringe to clean wounds, a splinter picker, and much more.


Best Natural Remedy – First Honey Sunny Days Kit

Having fun while traveling in the summertime can come with its fair share of scrapes, bites, and burns (to name a few!). The Sunny Days Kit provides natural solutions for many skin woes like Mānuka Honey Ointment, a potent skin healing balm that offers long-lasting infection protection while working to immediately reduce pain and minimize scarring long-term. Also included are Mānuka Bandages with medical grade Mānuka honey to help promote faster, better healing. Finally, the Skin Therapy Cream is a deeply nourishing cream that will calm, soothe and moisturize irritated skin. Carry them all with you while on the go in this included canvas travel bag.


Best Pocket Size – M2 BASICS Compact 150 Piece First Aid Kit

This compact FSA HSA approved first aid kit equips you with the necessary supplies to handle most minor injuries and medical emergencies that may arise. Everything you need in a lightweight, pocket size, durable bag including adhesive bandages in many sizes (strips, butterfly, fingertip, knuckle, spot), prep wipes, sterile wound cleansing wipes, sting relief pads, cotton tip applicators, a removable CPR mask, disposable nitrile hand protection – latex free, metal scissors, safety pins, a tourniquet, and so much more!


Best for Road Trips – Surviveware Waterproof Premium First Aid Kit

This portable and functional first aid kit contains 200 first aid supplies to help care for a variety of different events encountered while on the road. The waterproof and durable case instills confidence that the contents will stay protected in any weather conditions. The organization of supplies is impeccable, with clearly labeled compartments making it easy to locate what is needed in a hurry. The inclusion of high-quality medical essentials, from sterile bandages and trauma shears to an emergency blanket and CPR kit, gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be prepared for just about anything on the road.