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The epitome of cool, Ray-Ban Wayfarers have long been the standard by which others measure their success. It’s merely “how it is” — there are sunglasses, and then there are Wayfarers. They’re among the industry’s most legendary shades, making appearances everywhere from feature films to red carpets.

Today, other brands proudly offer their own take on the legendary style. Options abound, whether you’re after something sleek and sophisticated or prefer to take a sportier approach. The beauty of the humble Wayfarer has always been its versatility. These styles make it easy to find just the right pairs for every facet of your lifestyle.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classic

Repeat after us: You can never go wrong. A pair of Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classics is emblematic of everything perfectly traditional. From the iconic silhouette to the updated details that lend these glasses a more contemporary feel, they’re perfect for your day-to-day. While they boast the same shape as the originals, these have slightly smaller frames and a gentler eye shape, resulting in a more relaxed look. Pair them with anything from jeans and T-shirts to swim trunks to sharply cut suits. There’s really no question about it where these are concerned. They’re the no-fuss go-to accessories you’ve always wanted.

Warby Parker Harris

The Warby Parker Harris is true to its roots. The design is deeply inspired by the old-school style that defined the original Wayfarer. A hint of vintage style sets it apart from its counterparts, making it a strong choice if you’ve got a thing for yesteryear and love the image of a sharply defined accessory to complete your look. Harris is available in a versatile jet black and a more understated oak tortoise, both of which add that certain undeniable level of sophistication to any look, whether you’re headed out in a cashmere sweater and khakis or jeans and a bomber jacket.

RAEN Optics Wiley Polarized Sunglasses

If you’re all about that classic style but wouldn’t mind shaking things up a little bit, these RAEN Optics Wiley Polarized Sunglasses could be just what you needed. There’s a certain sporty quality about them — a factor that’s incredibly welcome given how airy and lightweight they feel. Yet for all their minimal feel, they’re substantial in every other way. You’ll find them in many color variations, ranging from tan and green to black and green. In short, there’s a style to suit you no matter how bold or understated you want to go.

Huckberry Weekenders

They may be more of a budget choice, but there’s nothing economical about these Huckberry Weekenders. Their appearance belies their price, making them an especially appealing option whether or not you’re watching your wallet. This is for you if you readily admit to losing your shades more than once. They’re made to stand the test of time, designed in the model of the beloved Wayfarer, and feature details that amplify and elevate the fit to ensure that they stay put. Now all you’ve got to do is make sure to keep your eye on them when they aren’t on your face.

Le Specs Tweedledum Sunglasses

The famed Australian brand needs no introduction, especially not after the splash they made when they first launched in 1979. But the Bondi Beach team didn’t really make itself known until the ’80s, when everyone suddenly knew they were the go-to for all things sartorially chic. The Le Specs Tweedledum Sunglasses are among the most appealing for that reason alone — they honor the tried-and-true appeal of the original Wayfarer, yet boast certain characteristics that are all their own. You’ll see it in the smoky lenses and the iconic tortoise frames that will forever go with everything in your closet.

Sunski Seacliff

If you’re watching your carbon footprint and committed to making a change, a pair of Sunski Seacliff sunglasses can help pave the way. It’s made with the brand’s own SuperLight recycled plastic, a resin material that’s sturdier and more lightweight than the usual suspects. Airy and sporty, the Seacliff boasts a certain nonchalance. It’s the throw-on-and-go style that exudes a sense of contemporary appeal, yet nods to the past thanks to its traditional shape and clean, effortless lines. It’s right at home with anything from a V-neck sweater and pressed pants to joggers and a tee.

Classic: Specs Prescott

When you can’t decide on the right silhouette for your face shape, look no further than these Classic: Specs Prescott sunglasses. They’re destined for great things, what with their versatile square silhouette that flatters anyone beautifully. The old-school style is available in several colors, including black, gold, smoke, and tortoise, all of which bear enough of a neutral bent to play well with nearly anything in your wardrobe.