Whether to wear during your hardcore workouts, while you work from home, or when you walk around the neighborhood, the right clothes can mean all the difference to your comfort. Sweats in particular have taken on greater importance, not least because they’re worlds more appealing than, say, the crisp suit and tie that you’d normally have to wear while trudging to the office on a steamy summer morning.

While those days will return, there’s still time in your life and room in your wardrobe to include a few key pieces of loungewear. Sweats are far more than just relaxed, laid-back go-tos that you grab when you have nothing to do but binge the latest on Netflix and dig into your snack stash. They can also set the tone for the day – and they definitely don’t lack style. Here are a few that will turn your off-duty wardrobe into something considerably more fashionable.

Mack Weldon Ace Swewatpant

The Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant ticks all of the boxes. It’s made with French terry fabric, which is among the softest, plushest, and coziest materials in the land – the type of thing that you could probably sleep in on a chilly night. The finish is made smoother thanks to an innovative micro-sanding technique that yields an even softer hand. Its structure alone makes it worthy of a second glance; unlike traditional sweatpants, these have a more fitted shape, lending them a certain modern appeal. Ankle cuffs lock in body heat, while a sleek zippered side pocket keeps your essentials within easy reach. Oh, and it’s available in 14 colors. No excuses – you’ll definitely find a pair you love.

Faherty Cutback Sweatpant

Some sweatpants look like they were specifically made for that gym life. If you’ve graduated from that scene and are ready to embrace a more versatile look, these Faherty Cutback Sweatpants will do the job in the best possible way. The deep, smoky gray shade is just right for pairing with fellow neutrals, like blacks and whites. The French terry fabric is always a dream to touch. The slightly sleeker-than-average silhouette lends these bottoms a modern appeal, while the cuffed ankles contribute to the more refined finish.

Vuori Balboa Pant

Yes, it’s a sweatpant, but the Vuori Balboa Pant aims to serve you with a whole lot more. There’s a sense of real quality about these, not least because they’re made with pliable French terry fabric that feels as good as your favorite pair of pajamas. But in terms of appearance, they look nothing like what you’d wear to bed – and they barely resemble the sweatpants you’d typically wear while pounding the pavement, either. These offer an immaculately tailored quality, along with anti-odor properties that make them all the more appealing on hot days. With plenty of stretch, too, these are the pants you need to see you through your daily grind.

Falconeri Cashmere Trousers

Some pieces just demand a drumroll, which is why you should break out the sticks in honor of these Falconeri Cashmere Trousers. Available in three neutral colors, including blue, grey, and pale grey, these pants are incredible from top to bottom. They’re made with pure cashmere, and are destined to see you through the most relaxed moments of your life in complete style. What more could be said about bottoms that feel so luxurious to the touch, you may never want to take them off? They evoke a hint of vintage appeal, thanks to their old-school inspiration that harkens back to the days of iconic 1970s track stars. The effect is at once casual and refined.

Goodlife Micro Terry Slim Sweatpant

If you’re all about that sleek, modern fit, then you know those sweatpants of the past won’t do the trick for you. These Goodlife Micro Terry Slim Sweatpants will breathe new life into your low-key wardrobe in a flash. They’re available in a variety of colors, to start – perfect to pair with your wide mix of tees and track jackets and hoodies. Then consider the construction, which begins with a traditional stretchy waistband and an adjustable drawstring to help you achieve the best possible fit. Light cotton-looped terry fabric offers just enough stretch to enhance your comfort and promote optimal mobility throughout the day.

wings horns Original Sweatpant

Some garments are meant to be a part of your life forever. That’s the case with the wings horns Original Sweatpant, which essentially serves as the crisp white button-front of the sportswear world. It’s the understated icon that exudes character without shouting it from the rooftops. It’s subtly stylish, what with its slender silhouette and wonderfully soft French terry fabric. And for all their sportiness, they make a seamless transition to the less athletic areas of your life, too. Wear them when you’re running errands, meeting friends (one day), or winding down at the end of a long day.

When you hear “cargo,” you think tough, utilitarian, and robust. All are precisely the opposite of the Reigning Champ Tiger Fleece Cargo Pant, which offers a more sophisticated take on off-duty style. Made with thick fleece, they’re hardy, foolproof bottoms that feature all of the hallmarks of a “dressy” low-key look. The contrast in colors alone makes them an eye-catching vision, and it’s quite possible you could make them work with a sports jacket and a slim-fit tee in a pinch.