The humble Dopp kit is nothing if not the epitome of functionality. While its usefulness is often taken for granted—it is, after all, the ultimate hold-all for your toiletries—there’s considerably more to this little bag than meets the eye. To start, the name: It was developed by leather goods designer Charles Doppelt in 1919. The practicality and simplicity of The Charles Doppelt Company’s design appealed to soldiers serving during World War II, and before long thousands were using the kits.

Then, the construction: They’re typically crafted of supple leather and fashioned into a rectangular silhouette, complete with at least a compartment. Doppelt’s company thrived through the decades before it was purchased during the ‘70s by Samsonite. Despite the ownership change, the Dopp kit itself remained a mainstay among both business and leisure travelers. Here are several interpretations of the timeless accessory worth adding to your repertoire.

Supply Everyday Dopp

What’s in a name? Everything. The Supply Everyday Dopp is designed to meet your every need no matter what your plans for the day may be. Headed overseas? It’s a must. Driving to another state for a quick road trip? You need it. Just headed to the office for yet another long day? Grab it on your way out the door. This thoughtfully constructed bag takes organization to an entirely new level thanks to several key details that set it apart from its counterparts. Made with supple full grain leather, the flat, zippered bag is shaped and sized just right to slip neatly into your carryall, suitcase, or messenger bag. The interior features four sleek compartments that hold anything from razors to toothbrushes, while the spacious main cabin comfortably supports the bulk of your essentials. The kit includes a zippered pouch that stays put thanks to the addition of concealed magnets at the base. Available in black, bourbon, and dark brown, the kit is sleek, simple, and classic.

Peak Design Wash Pouch

Don’t be surprised if your significant other decides they’d like one of these for themselves—or simply snags yours when you aren’t looking. The Peak Design Wash Pouch is meticulously made to do it all. Not only does it sit up straight instead of toppling over the moment you put a single item inside, but it also features multiple interior compartments and a (genius!) magnet-seal toothbrush pocket, a razor pocket, and a zippered pouch. The attached hook makes it easy to hang in the hotel bathroom and quickly grab what you need as you prepare for your busy day of meetings or your evening on the town. Available in black and sage green, this multipurpose bag easily holds everything—everything!!—that you need to get through your trip stylishly and comfortably.

Away Dopp Kit

Think of the classic Dopp kits—the ones that are inimitable, timeless, beautifully built to withstand the general wear and tear that comes with frequent travel. That’s the substance behind the Away Dopp Kit. It’s constructed of waterproof nylon, so those errant splashes won’t make a bit of difference, nor will any spills that inadvertently occur while you’re in transit. With a pair of zippered inner pockets, it’s a performance bag that tucks easily into your duffel, overnighter, backpack, or suitcase. The convenient handle situated along the side makes it a swing-and-go companion that will never steer you wrong. Find it in classic navy, gray, and black.

Bradley Mountain Dopp Kit

If you’re all about that carefree, rugged lifestyle, your accessories should follow suit. You eschew the glamorous for the sensible, but you appreciate something that looks as solid as it performs. Enter the black Bradley Mountain Dopp Kit, an unfailingly smart bag that is designed to go where you go and never let you down. The devil is truly in the details here: There’s the logical addition of heavy, water-resistant waxed canvas on the exterior, the beauty of an oiled leather strap and matching pull tab that lends the case vintage appeal, and the old-world grandeur of a sturdy brass zipper. Together they work together to create a refined bag that offers enough room for all of your essentials and then some.

Herschel Supply Company Chapter Travel Kit Bag

Known for their sturdy backpacks, Herschel Supply Company created the Chapter Travel Kit Bag for the obsessive organizers of the world. It’s more than just a standard Dopp kit—it’s a durable, intelligently crafted accessory that stands up well to the madness that sometimes occurs when you’re traveling. Whether you toss it haphazardly in your suitcase or grab it on your way out the door and shove it in your backpack when you finally get on the train, you can trust it to handle it all like a pro. In addition to a practical handle, it also features an interior mesh sleeve that helps you keep your most essential items close at hand. It’s available in multiple colors and patterns to fit right into any wardrobe.

WP Standard Dopp Kitt

Never underestimate the staying power and eternal beauty of rich, buttery leather. The WP Standard Dopp Kit is made with pure, full grain vegetable-tanned leather and is available in black, tan, and brown. Sized just right for the man who carries plenty but doesn’t need an enormous carryall to haul it around, it’s spacious enough for the daily basics and plenty of extras, too. The interior zippered pocket is ideal for holding those objects that tend to roll around or require extra support, like toothbrushes, razors, and cotton swabs.


A funky camouflage pattern sets this DSPTCH Dopp Kit apart from the competition. It’s all about helping you stay hyper organized and, perhaps most importantly, completely clean when you’re on the move. Made with forgiving, easy-clean ballistic nylon material, it features a spacious main compartment that zips closed. The interior contains a trio of elasticized straps that allow for easy storage of your razors and other basics. There’s even a detachable valet tray, plus an extra zippered pocket on the outside.