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Life has taken a decidedly different turn for many of us in the last few months. #WFH isn’t just a head-scratching hashtag, but your new way – every day. You’ve probably settled into some form of acceptance of this temporary new normal, with the occasional longing for the more comfortable aspects of your actual office. Sure, there’s a certain charm about making the “commute” from bedroom to living room, but for many, that novelty wore off a few weeks ago.

But you have to do what you have to do – that’s key not just to accepting the situation at hand for what it is, but to approaching each day with a clear mind and a positive attitude. The right work-from-home tools can also make all the difference to this new variation of your professional life, especially if you expect it to go on for a while still. Here are a few exceptional pieces that could easily transform the way that you tackle each day.

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium

If your current work setup consists of the occasional bout at the kitchen table followed by a round on the couch, then it’s possible you need to amend that situation stat. To the rescue comes the genius Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium, a sleek and stylish standing desk that features a motorized base that quietly adjusts to your comfort level. Stable and efficient, it’s available in both classic and extra-large sizes to meet your unique needs. Much has been made of the benefits of working on your feet: it can boost productivity, increase your focus, and stimulate your energy. When the alternative is napping while watching Netflix when you should be working, the standing desk suddenly seems like a true WFH essential.

Autonomous Desk Clamp Power Outlet

Ever notice how easy it is to charge your myriad devices in hotel rooms? There are convenient outlets built in all over the place, from the side of the bed to the base of the lamp to the edge of the desk. Now you can invite that same convenience to your own personal abode with the Autonomous Desk Clamp Power Outlet. This sturdy accessory clamps right onto your desk or table, making it quick and easy to power up anything you need, from your tablet or your laptop to your smartphone or your lamp.

Grovemade Maple Laptop Stand

If you don’t typically work from home, it may come as some surprise to learn that it’s not all that comfortable to perch your laptop on a random surface when you’re trying to focus. Beds are far too unstable, kitchen tables may not be the perfect height, and your desk might force you to slouch just a bit too much for your liking. The Grovemade Maple Laptop Stand was designed with precisely such issues in mind. Perfect for supporting your device while you tap away, it offers an angled structure that instantly eases your comfort, and even a space underneath where you can conveniently slide your accessories.

Marshall Uxbridge Voice With Amazon Alexa

Some pieces you don’t realize you need until you stumble upon them by chance. Such is the story with the Marshall Uxbridge Voice With Amazon Alexa. It’s basically your digital BFF on steroids, capable of playing your favorite tunes with a quick instruction, controlling other devices around the house, and handling your basic electronic tasks. What makes it iconic is its size. At just a bit over five inches wide and six inches tall, and coming it at just a little over three pounds, it’s deceptively compact. Don’t let its size fool you, though – the sound quality is huge, making it the perfect choice for a small home office.

West Elm Curvilinear Mid-Century Table Lamp

At some point, you might realize that the aging lamp on the end table isn’t quite sufficient for your work-from-home pursuits. You need – no, you deserve – a more strategically designed lighting companion that illuminates the room while adding a hint of style to the equation, too. The West Elm Curvilinear Mid-Century Table Lamp is no wallflower, but it’s also not too showy or flashy. It makes a minimalist type of statement with its clean lines and modern configuration. Black and gold set a subtle tone, yet the shade’s unique silhouette lends it undeniable appeal.

HP EliteDisplay E243 LED-Lit Monitor

It’s tough to make the transition from your large office monitor to the comparatively smaller option at home. If you’re working from home for the long haul, it’s high time to graduate to a product like the HP EliteDisplay E243 LED-Lit Monitor. It’s instantly laudable for its clean visuals, its clarity, its depth, and its ability to adjust to your specific needs. You can tilt it as much as you want, swivel it, raise it, or lower it – whatever is necessary to help you find your comfort zone while you’re hard at work.

CubeFit TerraMat Lite Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat

You may have prided yourself on that first day that you worked almost exclusively on your feet. But if you’ve noticed a very obvious fatigue settle in, you could be suffering from the all-too-common burden that eventually strikes anyone who uses a standing desk. The CubeFit TerraMat Lite Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat is designed to minimize strain in the legs, calves, and feet to help you work more efficiently. Thicker than the average standing mat, it’s highly supportive and designed with innovative elements to help you find even greater comfort when you start to tire out. Step on the massaging side ridges to give your weary feet a spa-like break, or set one foot on each edge to stretch out your hips. Bonus: All of these movements could even help your back feel less uncomfortable throughout the day.