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Whether you’re a novice or fancy yourself the next Gordon Ramsay, your success in the kitchen may be limited if you don’t own a cast iron skillet. Among the most useful pieces of culinary equipment any cook can purchase, it’s the versatile tool you can’t be without simply for its sheer functionality.

Appetizers? Check. Entrees? Yep. Desserts? Of course. When you’re preparing a meal, you want nothing more than a flexible pan that allows you to do it all with ease, from searing, baking, and sautéing to broiling, frying, grilling, and braising. Simply put, the cast iron skillet is unmatched in its dexterity. If you love to wield your creative muscle in the kitchen, here are a few of the best cast iron skillets to consider for your repertoire.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Assist Handle Holder

If you’re new to the world of cast iron skillets, look no further than the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Assist Handle Holder. It’s a genius addition to the burgeoning chef’s kitchen, and makes a wonderful choice for anyone who spends considerable time whipping up dishes from scratch. It’s pre-seasoned with natural vegetable oil and includes a convenient handle holder, so you can easily grip it without worrying about excessive heat.

Victoria Cast Iron Skillet Large Frying Pan with Helper Handle

Perfect for lengthy cooking sessions, the Victoria Cast Iron Skillet Large Frying Pan with Helper Handle is designed to maintain heat for up to 15 minutes or more. It’s designed with ergonomic, grip-friendly handles that make it especially easy to hold. It’s seasoned with 100% non-GMO flaxseed oil and features hints of iron in the material to add a little boot to your diet. Use it for everything imaginable, from baked vegetables to your favorite cakes.

Field Company Field Cast Iron Skillet

If you take inspiration from cast iron skillets of old, the handsome Field Company Field Cast Iron Skillet is sure to make a practical addition to your culinary space. The No.8 is just perfect for your everyday needs. It’s designed to hold up to four fried eggs, two strips of New York steak, or 8.25 cups of liquid. That’s more than enough to prepare a fresh breakfast or a sizzling hot dinner in no time.

Staub Cast Iron 11-inch Traditional Skillet

For the avid cook who can’t get enough of the highest quality kitchen equipment in the world, the Staub Cast Iron Traditional Skillet won’t disappoint. This attractive piece features a textured black matte enamel interior to promote superior browning. This enameled finish makes the pan especially easy to clean. Thanks to its durable build, it holds onto heat beautifully and spreads it perfectly so you achieve even cooking results every time. The perfect finishing touches are the pouring spouts for fat removal and the raised sides to minimize the likelihood of spills.

Fiskars Cast Iron Grill Pan, 10

Easy, attractive, and perfect for cooks of all skill levels, the eye-catching Fiskars Cast Iron Grill Pan is the ideal choice for your kitchen. It features THERMIUM mineral treatment, which ensures that nothing you cook remains stuck on the surface. In addition to saving you serious time, it also promotes a greater end result thanks to its enameled cast iron finish. Rust is a thing of the pat, and you don’t have to worry about seasoning the surface either. The big advantage here is the obvious good looks: this pan has a removable birch wood handle that provides beautiful contrast for the striking black hue.

Ooni Cast Iron Skillet

If you’re cooking on a budget, the Ooni Cast Iron Skillet is an exceptional choice for your needs. Use it to prepare absolutely anything and everything, from fresh vegetables to seafood to meat. It features a removable cast iron handle and is made from the sturdiest possible cast iron. Slide it over an open fire or place it directly on your cooktop to produce flawless results no matter what you want to prepare.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Iron Handle Skillet

No oil handy? No problem. The Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Iron Handle Skillet is not only a beautiful addition to your kitchen, but also a functional piece that does all of the hard work for you. It requires little to no oil, yet still produces the perfect meals every time. It’s especially key if you’re a low-fat connoisseur, and is designed to cook your dishes steadily and evenly throughout. The black enamel interior doesn’t require any seasoning, either, so you can skip a step and save time. Lift the handle easily thanks to the sturdy red grip with a loop helper handle.