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You can always rely on Huckberry to deliver where high-quality gear and tools are concerned. The carefully curated mix of outdoorsy, rugged, and high-style clothing and household essentials couldn’t be better suited to the modern man who’s always got his eye on what’s now and what’s next. We’ve rounded up a few of our cold-weather favorites from the company, just in time to keep you toasty when it matters the most. Here are the Huckberry bestsellers we’re wearing this winter.

Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket

You can’t go wrong with a trucker jacket, especially one as carefully designed as this comfortable Flint and Tinder model. It’s lined with flannel for extra warmth, helping you brave the cold in casual and effortless style. The waxed finish lends it an innate smoothness you won’t be able to resist. Throw it on as you head out on those just-cool-enough days that don’t quite call for a heavy coat.

Flint and Tinder Tapered Pants

A reliable pair of Flint and Tinder tapered pants will never steer you wrong. These smart bottoms are available in a broad selection of colors that range from easy neutrals (think black and grey) to more eye-popping shades (olive and teal). Whatever your pick, expect them to easily perk up your wardrobe while adding some necessary warmth to your winter outfits.

All-Weather Duckboots

Talk about living up to the name. All-Weather Duckboots are designed to keep you safe as you navigate tricky conditions. When going outside isn’t just an option, you need footwear that’s meant to live up to the task — and whether it’s snow or ice that threatens to take you down, you can count on these sturdy shoes, with their waterproof leather uppers and Vibram outsoles, to keep you steady with every step.

Huckberry Beanie

Just a single cozy hat can mean the difference between an unbearable day and one that’s far more tolerable. Enter the Huckberry Beanie, a standout winter accessory that lends your look that perfectly wintery finishing touch. Made with an ultra-soft wool blend that’s both extra-plush and extra-thick, it locks in body heat so you stay as warm as possible on the coldest days.

Relwen Windzip Jacket

The right jacket can make the most intolerable days far more manageable. The Relwen Windzip jacket is a fantastic example: it’s highly breathable, resistant to moisture, and made with a comfortable nylon/spandex blend that provides stretch so your movements are never restricted. A light down-alternative filling helps you stay warm, while the stand-up collar protects your skin from biting chills.

Proof 72-Hour Merino Henley Sweater

You can never go wrong with a classic sweater that goes with everything. That’s the key attribute that makes the Proof 72-hour merino henley sweater such a wardrobe essential. Its name is due to its ability to retain its freshness for up to 72 hours. Throw it on with dress pants or keep it casual with jeans — either way, it will never steer you wrong.

Give’r 4-Season Gloves with Wax Coating

Talk about a true powerhouse accessory. These Give’r 4-season gloves truly live up to their name. They’re made with pure leather, lending them an innate toughness and dexterity that helps them stand up to virtually everything. They’re waterproof, with soft insulation that locks in heat. Use them to manage in the snow, to lift firewood, and virtually everything in between.

Wellen Recycled Cotton Headlands Sweater

If one of your goals in the new year is to reduce your carbon footprint and mind your environmental habits, the Wellen Headlands sweater made with recycled cotton could be all that you need to take a step in that direction. The waffle-knit styling is downright classic, while the blend of recycled cotton, acrylic, and polyester keeps you warm without sacrificing even a hint of comfort.

Flint and Tinder 10-Year Quarter Zip

The Flint and Tinder 10-year quarter zip is among the brand’s best-selling products — for good reason. It’s been tried and tested, put through the ringer, and emerged looking just as good as it did the moment it was first created. It’s structured for a comfortable, flattering fit that never restricts your movements, with a spacious kangaroo pocket and a stand-up collar that help you combat cooler conditions with style and ease.

Greys Wool Outdoor Zipper Boot

Whether you’re padding around the house or venturing outside to grab the mail, you need footwear that keeps you warm and toasty with every step. Enter the Greys wool outdoor zipper boot, a soft companion that, despite its name, is perfectly suitable for indoor wear. It features a sturdy rubber outsole that will keep you steady, along with an itch-proof wool upper that feels luxurious to the touch.