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Ask anyone from frequent road warriors to occasional business travelers: Life is a whole lot easier when the journey is fueled by caffeine. Never mind your best intentions to wake up early, squeeze in a workout, and conquer everything on your to-do list like you were born for this.

Let’s be real, right? What you need is a travel mug to see you through those early hours—and beyond. Even if you’re not a camper, a traveler, or someone who ventures too far beyond the parameters of your city, you might find that it’s especially convenient to pour your AM beverage of choice into a handy mug that keeps the beverage hot for longer than usual. Here are some of our favorites.

Stanley Classic Big Grip Camp Mug

Rugged and handsome, the Stanley Classic Big Grip Camp Mug packs all of the features you could possibly want into a smart and sturdy vessel. It’s available in a timeless black or a shade of camouflage green if you prefer to shake things up a little bit. Aesthetics aside, it’s a complete powerhouse from top to bottom. The BPA-free mug features a leak-resistant flip lid and features double-wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks hot for up to two hours and cold for up to four. Iced drinks? Those stay nice and brisk for up to 20 hours. A wide handle—boosted by the addition of a handy stainless steel carrying loop—makes it easy to grip if you’re wearing hefty gloves.

S’well Stainless Steel Travel Mug

S’well is one of those brands synonymous with the modern world. Everyone loves a good water bottle, and that’s something the company creates especially well. They’ve added stainless steel travel mugs to the mix, and it couldn’t have been a more genius move. The mug is available in a wide range of gorgeous colors and is vacuum-insulated to keep drinks at precisely the right temperature: hot for at least 12 hours and cold for up to 24. It’s BPA-free and features a convenient wide mouth to prevent unsightly dribbling. You can even slip ice inside if you need to cool down your beverage.

BURNOUT Temperature Regulating Travel Mug

Here’s another one of those “didn’t know you needed it” items that you can safely add to your repertoire without feeling an ounce of buyer’s remorse. Scientists created BURNOUT in response to the millions of people who suffered from burned lips and tongues because the insulated beverages in their travel mugs were just too hot. Using innovative technology called HeatZorb, the mug features three layers of stainless steel. HeatZorb captures and stores the heat from your drink so that you can enjoy it at the same continuously hot and comfortable temperature all day long. Yes, all day.

KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

Now that’s a keeper. This is no ordinary coffee cup—that’s pretty obvious at a glance. This sleek, stylish, and contemporary piece looks more like a piece of artwork. The BPA-free and non-toxic KeepCup features a subtly elegant thermal cork band, and is constructed with tempered soda-lime glass that exudes a classy appearance. The seal keeps your beverage locked in tight, while the ergonomic hole makes it easy to sip throughout the day. Place it on your desk if you’re on the hunt for a new conversation piece!

Kinto Travel Tumbler

If you’re more of a minimalist who favors something simple and straightforward, the Kinto travel tumbler will easily meet your needs. From its sleek silhouette to its hefty weight, it’s the type of product that you can feel in an instant and recognize its quality. It does a fantastic job maintaining both cold and warm beverages for hours at a time, and it’s available in a wide range of hues. There’s even a larger 16.9 ounce version available if you can’t quite get by with 12 ounces.

Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

Vacuum-insulated for your convenience, this ultra-modern Fellow Carter mug is almost absurdly sublime in every way. It’s got it going on as far as looks are concerned. There’s no way to compete with the clean lines and understated aesthetic. The mouth is wide enough for you to whiff your beverage with every sip, creating a more enjoyable drinking experience. The interior is coated with ceramic, which helps prevent that unpleasant metallic flavor that sometimes develops in other mugs. It’s even compatible with most popular brewing devices, making it especially easy to prepare the beverage you want in just a few seconds flat. The double-wall construction keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for a full day.

Otterbox Elevation 14 Mug

You probably know Otterbox for its incomparable phone cases and accessories, but it turns out they even create other pieces with equal authority. The Elevation 14 mug is incredibly easy on the eyes, and it also happens to perform with powerhouse-level intensity. It’s made with stainless steel and features an interior lining made with copper to help lock in your desired temperature for hours at a time. You’ll find this striking like companion in five modern colors—it’s perfect for work and play!