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In the holiday gifting rush, it can be easy to forget stocking stuffers. You know, those less expensive presents that great for little gift exchanges with friends or family. The goal is to find innovative gifts that surprise and delight this holiday season – ideally they’re a little out of the ordinary and interesting to receive. Here are some of the best stocking stuffers to spread some holiday cheer this season.

GOSHI Exfoliating Shower Towel

Turning an ordinary shower experience into a moment of self-care is easy with this GOSHI Exfoliating Shower Towel. Made of lathering and exfoliation threads from Japan, this innovative towel will buff and polish away dead skin cells to perfection. Anyone who uses this towel will have skin that feels as smooth as silk.


Therapy Notebook

An anti-anxiety notebook is something that everyone probably needs this holiday season. It’s an 8” x 5” grey notebook that is like having a therapist in your pocket. The way it works is by prompting the user to answer questions in order to journal out their feelings. The questions were designed by real therapists and mental health experts. This notebook is a thoughtful way to give someone the gift of managing their stress just a little bit better.


Foster & Rye Cast Iron Fish Bottle Opener

Everyone who enjoys a good brewsky can use an extra bottle opener. This one from Foster & Rye is a Cast Iron Fish Bottle Opener in weathered bronze. It has an antique look that is going to appeal to anyone who loves to fish or just drink beer.


Amola Salt Smoked Bacon Salt

Everything’s better with bacon. That’s in universal agreement, right? So it makes sense that salt flavored with bacon is going to taste a whole lot better than your average salt. This Amola Salt Smoked Bacon Salt is undeniably tasty. The bacon lover who gets this in their stocking will want to sprinkle some on practically everything they eat.


Sunski Dipseas Sunglasses

A classic pair of unisex tortoise shell frames comes this pair from Sunski in their Dipseas sunglasses. They are named after a hiking trail near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Featuring 100 percent full spectrum UVA/UVB protection, this ideal pair comes in a microfiber bag with a carrying case and will pretty much look amazing on anyone.


Huckberry Adventure Awaits Bandana

A one-size-fits-all Huckberry Adventure Awaits Bandana is a great gift to give someone who wants to keep the sun off of their neck or wipe the sweat from their face in old-school style. This bandana comes in three different colors; coral, navy, and olive. Made of 100 percent cotton with a print that’s a throwback to the old west.


Juniper Ridge Desert Cedar Room Spray

From Juniper Ridge, a lovely wild-harvest soap, essential oil, and incense company, comes their Desert Cedar Room Spray. This is not your ordinary room spray. It brings up feelings of warmth and sweetness through juniper berries and feeling like you’re out in the spacious plains of the desert. This spray is a much better gift than any of the room sprays you can find at a big box store.


Craighill Wilson Keyring

Everyone needs a keyring. This Craighill Wilson Keyring is a sleek, simple one made of ⅛” brass wire with an enamel stripe to help the user identify their keys. It’s so easy to use with a strong mechanism that will securely hold an entire set of keys.


Bellroy Slim Sleeve

A slim leather billfold is the right way to upgrade someone’s clunky wallet situation. This Bellroy Slim Sleeve is the way to go, with a leather lining and two quick-access slots to reach credit cards and money. Made by craftsmen in the Netherlands, this is water-resistant leather that has detailed stitching and embellishments.


The James Brand The Carter

The James Brand has perfected the everyday carry pocket knife. Their style, The Carter, is designed to be the workhorse of daily life. Its VG-10 stainless steel blade won’t rust or degrade with years of use to look forward to with a slide locking mechanism and a deep carry pocket clip. Simply put this is a sleek pocket knife that will get the job done.


Mike’s Hot Honey

Hot honey is clearly having a moment right now. If you haven’t experienced hot honey on fried chicken, go and get some right now. Treat your friends and neighbors to bottles of famous Mike’s Hot Honey. It’s 100 percent pure honey and comes in original or extra hot. Get the extra hot for all your most adventurous buddies.


Pappy & Company 23 Year Ornament

For those that collect cool-looking ornaments, this one from Pappy & Company takes the cake. Their 23 Year Ornament is a blown glass ornament that looks like a bottle in gold for their famous Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Reserve Bourbon. All bourbon fans will get a kick out of this kitschy stocking stuffer.


Leatherman Bond Multitool

A multitool is a useful gift that gadget lovers will dig. The Leatherman Bond Multitool is made of stainless steel with 14 different pocket-sized tools to use, including wire cutters, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a 420 HC knife. And that’s just the start of what this tool can do. A seriously handy tool anyone will love to receive.


Mystery Ranch Spiff Kit

If you haven’t heard of a spiff kit, it’s basically the same thing as a dopp kit, sundry bag, or travel pouch. The Mystery Ranch Spiff Kit is made of sturdy nylon in black with water-resistant materials that will withstand years of use. It also has mesh pockets and side handles for easy carry that will quickly make it the giftee’s favorite little bag.


East Fork Italian Meat Candles

For those meat lovers in your life, a perfect stocking stuffer are these Italian Meat Candles from East Fork. Handmade in Italy by a 6th generation candle-making family, these candles are shaped like the finest capicola around. Plus, they actually look like real meat. They also make cheese and fruit candles, if that’s more appealing for you to give. And in case you are wondering, they don’t smell like meat.