The Right Tools for Your Memorial Day Weekend Grill Master
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A great Memorial Day BBQ needs a grill master, and a great grill master needs great tools. Modern grill tech makes the process of feeding the party quicker and more fun. Here are some of the best tools to consider before the doorbells start ringing and the family starts showing up!

iGrill Mini

You may or may not know this, but every time you open the grill, you reduce the quality of your heat. One of the major advantages to the iGrill is its prominent temperature monitor that keeps your favorite DIY Memorial Day chef from opening the lid every 5 minutes to check on the meat. Keep the full integrity of your smoking and grilling process with this attractive, convenient and very affordable mini grill.

Vino2Go Cups

If you have family that loves to overindulge in the libations before dinner, then you know how annoying cleaning up a broken glass can be. It can also be dangerous to continue to let your drunk uncle hold glasses around the kids! Solve the problem of tipsy family members with the Vino2Go brand of adult sippy cups. You keep your good glassware looking great, and you also keep bugs away from your wine!

Japanese Denim Apron

Memorial Day is fully an American holiday, but there is nothing wrong with bringing a little flavor instead of the same old "Kiss the Cook" apron every year. This apron has a bit more style to it - you may actually find yourself trying to keep the grease away from it! This special kind of apron also gives you more room to maneuver and store some of the other tools that you will find on this list.


You know that your Memorial Day wouldn't be complete without another drinking implement to deal with your drunk relatives. The Bevometer gives everyone a heads up as to who is drinking how much. Assuming that everyone can actually hold their liquor, the counter on the front of the Bevometer also lets people know who needs to catch up!

Lynx Smartgrill

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If your grill master needs a go to volume production grill, the Lynx Smartgrill is the way to go. When it is time for the entire family to come over to your house, you are going to need more than your old school backyard grill to ensure that everyone eats at the same time and gets the same quality of meat. Special requests on the fly? No problem! The Smartgrill also comes built in with speakers that will tell your cook how to prepare some of Memorial Day's best recipes. Imagine being able to easily cook different kinds of meat without any hassle, and you are starting to get exactly why the Lynx Smartgrill is getting more popular with every new holiday season.

Coleman Camp Chef

You might be the type of family that likes to create your Memorial Day on the road. If so, you need a grill centerpiece that can travel with you while providing the same power as a home unit. The Coleman Camp Chef has you covered. This two in one grill master tool gives you two eyes on the stove top and a hot box right below. Tailgate like a pro and grill with the same confidence wherever you go.

Wonderbag Portable Slow Cooker

You do not have to take an entire grill with you in order to have the best Memorial Day tailgate or camping party this year. The portable grilling tool that you need in order to keep your meat fresh without taking the entire grill with you is the Wonderbag Portable Slow Cooker. What is the advantage? The ability to keep your meat completely fresh with nothing more than a simple wrap bag. Look like a genius and keep your solutions simple, we say.

Brookstone Mounted Light Grill

There is no reason to stop the party just because the lights go out. As a matter of fact, isn't this when things get good? Don't allow a little light problem to stop the cooking - your mounted grill light will keep all eyes on your grill without the need for your drunk uncle to hold the flashlight steady, which is just a disaster waiting to happen. This light is mounted on any grill and gives you enough power to reference the relevant items on your grill even in otherwise total darkness.

Lavatools Javelin Thermometer

This is no Olympic javalin. Let's talk chicken! If your party wants its chicken well done (and who doesn't?), the Lavatools Javelin gives you an easy way to check on the done-ness of your meat. This food thermometer can fit neatly into your pocket until it is ready to be used, and the javelin recedes to keep you from sticking anything that you don't want to stick by accident.

Best Choice Interchangeable Picnic Table

Memorial Day is a day for family and friends, and you may never know exactly how many family and friends love you until you start cooking. Fear not if you suddenly find out that your cousins love you because there are burgers nearby - the Best Choice Interchangeable Picnic Table gives you extra place settings on the fly. The best part - the table transforms into a bench if you need more places to sit.

The tools above are sure to make your Memorial Day a more productive and fun outing, not to mention the fun that your cooks will have using all of these great technologies. Happy grilling this year!