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Being environmentally conscious is about more than celebrating Earth Day and recycling. It’s about making adjustments in your own life that will help save the planet for future generations. One of the ways to support initiatives that do good things for the world is by buying products from sustainable men’s brands. For a company to be considered sustainable, they need to support practices that have social, economic, and environmental benefits. It’s about more than just making money as a brand because these companies actually care about the world at large. They are striving to implement ways, from the creation of their products to getting them on your doorstep, that make less of an environmental impact. Let’s look at 15 sustainable men’s brands to know that deserve your hard-earned cash and support.

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans is a company that makes jeans, but also other clothing for men, women, and children. They are very vocal about not supporting fast fashion because they have the option on all of their jeans for “free repairs forever.” That way you can basically wear their jeans for life. They also offer a discount on old Nudie Jeans you don’t want anymore to recycle them back to the company, and then you can buy a new pair for 20 percent off. Each year the company comes out with a sustainability report that highlights the ways they are sustainable with their materials, production, and products. It’s a transparent way to showcase exactly how beneficial they are as a company with green initiatives that help the planet.

Shop Nudie Jeans.

Alternative Apparel

This is a brand that is committed to eco-materials and responsible manufacturing processes. Alternative Apparel makes causal clothing that they refer to as “Earthleisure.” It’s a catchy word that is clearly based on athleisure, but it’s fun nevertheless. They are owned by Hanes Brands so think of basics in t-shirts, sweatpants, and hoodies for men, women, and children. The company shut down the shopping option on their own website, but they offer a robust Amazon brand store where you can purchase their products.

Shop Alternative Apparel.

Artknit Studios

As an Italian company that bills itself as the “Modern House of Knitwear,” their sustainability practices are geared towards zero waste. Artknit Studios has the goal of fewer and long-lasting products, ethical production, and something they call “democratizing luxury.” What that means is when people buy better products, those products are actually going to last longer even if they cost a little more money to begin with. It’s simply stated in their motto “buy less, buy better.” They make clothing in Italy for men and women in luxurious materials like mulberry silk and high-quality organic cotton. You definitely want to splurge and own a few of their upcycled eco-cashmere sweaters or hoodies.

Shop Artknit Studios.


Outerknown makes a variety of lifestyle basics in jeans, t-shirts, and shorts that was the brainchild of famous surfer, Kelly Slater. He wanted to create a brand that made “great clothes with a radical commitment to sustainability.” It’s a lofty goal that has served the company well over the past five years. They are committed to using 90 percent organic, recycled, and regenerated fibers. Plus, their swim trunks, which is obviously very important to Kelly since he spends the majority of his time in the water, are created with 100 percent renewable fibers. The S.E.A. Jeans are guaranteed for life because they repair, replace, or recycle them. It’s an intense dedication to quality and sustainability that sets them apart from the average clothing brand.

Shop Outerknown.

Free Fly

Another brand that makes comfortable lifestyle clothing for men, women, and children is Free Fly. The trio behind the company is a brother and sister team, along with her husband who felt there wasn’t a lot of performance wear that was comfortable and long-lasting out on the market. Their first shirt was the Bamboo Lightweight Long Sleeve that was perfect to wear for long days on the water. The way they make their products is with organic bamboo, which is durable and quick-drying. It’s a very pro-family company with a dedication to not harming the environment and responsibility-made materials. Once you put on their Bamboo Heritage Polo, you are going to want to get one in every color they make.

Shop Free Fly.

Taylor Stitch

For classic men’s clothing that feels sturdy and durable, Taylor Stitch is a brand that’s like a more stylish LL Bean. Their sustainability efforts revolve around five concepts which are sourcing responsibly, building responsibly, closing the loop, creating a community, and giving back. In regards to closing the loop, it’s all about doing away with fast fashion that ends up in a landfill. Their outerwear, especially the HBT Jacket, is something that you can wear practically forever, and if it ends up getting damaged, the company will repair it for you.

Shop Taylor Stitch.

Sheep Inc.

Don’t be fooled by the cute name of this company. They are serious about their commitment to biophilic design and reducing their carbon footprint. They even have a tally on their website about the amount of CO2 removed to date in kilograms. (It was 4,481,200 kg at the time of press, in case you were wondering.) So what is biophilic design anyway? It’s usually related to architecture where a building is connected to the natural environment outside. They relate it to their work in creating the first hoodie that is a “truly regenerative garment” because the sheep they use for their merino wool are raised on regenerative pastures. And get this, each garment you buy comes with the tag for a trackable sheep! You just track the tag with your phone, and the app will tell you what your sheep is up to. Okay, that’s actually pretty cute.

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Another company that makes long-wearing basics for men and women is Kotn, a company that was founded in 2015. Not only are they into sustainable clothing practices, but they donate to a variety of worthy causes like building and operating schools throughout rural communities in Egypt. They focus on this area of the world since that’s where Egyptian cotton is grown in the Nile Delta. The clothing they make is all fairly basic and only comes in neutrals, greens, blues, and other earth tones.

Shop Kotn.


Asket wants you to make educated choices and consume less. One of the ways that they support this cause is by offering a revival program on all of their items. You can send in any used Asket garments that you don’t want anymore so they can resell, remanufacture, or recycle them. It helps the planet so that their unwanted clothing doesn’t end up taking valuable space in a landfill. Plus, if anything you love of theirs is damaged, they will repair it for you. It’s the opposite of fast fashion because it’s meant to last with high-quality craftsmanship and design. You don’t want to miss out on owning one of their Linen Shirts with GOTS Certified Organic Linen. So breathable and soft.

Shop Asket.


As a footwear company that is proudly made in Canada, Oliberté started in 2009 with a hand-crafted design concept. Their focus is to support worker’s rights and make shoes that have a lifetime warranty. That’s a pretty lofty goal for a pair of shoes since it’s easy to wear out your average pair, but not these babies. Oliberté boots come in eight different styles that look rustically charming. You’ll love to wear these on the weekends with denim, especially their Huron in Crazy Brown. And in case you were wondering, their name means “o freedom” in French.

Shop Oliberté.

Oil / Lumber

Not just a clothing company, Oil / Lumber makes furniture and accessories, too. They utilize a made-to-order production style with recyclable materials, natural fiber, and textiles that are organic. Their items are considered gender-inclusive, and they don’t follow seasonal trends or fads. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, this is a company that always vows to pay all of their employees a fair wage. This unique brand offers some gorgeously minimalist furniture that would look amazing in a modern home. Make your friends jealous with stuff that no one else has when you custom commission a piece of their furniture that’s like a work of art.

Shop Oil / Lumber.

Brothers We Stand

An ethical men’s clothing brand, Brothers We Stand is all about transparency. Each of their products comes with a “footprint tab” that goes over the details about the social and economic impacts in its creation. They also make bags, belts, and swimwear along with more traditional clothing items like jeans and hoodies. Don’t miss their quality essentials such as Premium Weight Organic Cotton T-Shirts and Maple Organic Boxers that come in a 3-pack.

Shop Brothers We Stand.


Veja is a tennis shoe company that makes sneakers for men, women, and children. Founded in 2005, their whole goal is to promote sneakers with “greater economic justice” since they don’t spend money on marketing or advertising. They make everyday kicks as well as running sneakers. Some are vegan, while others are made from fair-trade materials with attention to upcycling. Their Nova HT Canvas is a classic pair to own in White Butter-Sole, Black Pierre, or Marine Pierre (navy). They are so comfy that you may just want to own all three, along with a few of their other styles if you are a huge fan of sneakers.

Shop Veja.


The coolest outdoor apparel brand has to be Patagonia. They have always been a proud supporter of many different causes that better the world, such as encouraging Hispanic farm workers to become farm owners. With an extensive line of clothing including things like wetsuits, waders for fishing, and workwear, this isn’t your ordinary outdoor clothing company for men, women, and children. Founded in 1973 in Ventura, California this is a brand that goes the extra mile for the environment and is obviously doing something right since they have been around for so long.

Shop Patagonia.

Studio 189

Not just another brand founded by a famous person, Studio 189 is actually an artisan-produced fashion house that won the CFDA Lexus Fashion Initiative for Sustainability. That famous person is Rosario Dawson, who came up with the idea for the company with Abrima Erwiah. Everything is made in Africa with a store and manufacturing facility in Ghana. They use traditional plant-based dyes, kente weaving, and other techniques that are indigenous to the region. Everything from coats to shirts and jumpsuits is made to be unique. For a one-of-a-kind clothing item that you’ll save forever, go with just about anything from Studio 189.

Shop Studio 189.


A modern Japanese-American brand that creates clothing for everyone is what Akashi-Kama is all about. The name means “crimson tea ceremony” in Japanese and everything they make, mostly minimalist streetwear, is created in the USA. By using small production facilities in California they are better able to ensure their entire supply chain is getting a fair wage. Each of their items basically becomes collector pieces since they are made in limited runs. This is the perfect brand for someone that doesn’t want to have all the same clothing that everyone else wears that you can buy at the mall. If you see something you like on their website, buy it quickly because their stuff will sell out.

Shop Akashi-Kama.

Dushyant Asthana

Artisan hand-printed shirts? Yes, please. Dushyant Asthana is all about interesting prints and heritage shirts that you can wear forever. They even have Hand-Printed Western Shirts that are the epitome of cowboy chic. Since they only make shirts, you are probably going to want one in every style they have. The design all comes from their studio in California, but the shirts themselves are made by artisans in India who work in family-run tailor shops. That way the company makes sure they are paid a fair wage.

Shop Dushyant Asthana.