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The world of men’s fashion has taken a distinctive turn in recent seasons. Once staid and straightforward, the scene is richer and more adventurous than ever before. Colors extend beyond the realm of the expected, and rule-breaking that was once surprising is now the norm. In short, there’s no dearth of excitement. There’s a relaxed feeling about it all, however, and a sense that anything is possible no matter what the season.

That’s never been more evident than in the slate of summer 2020 trends that ruled the men’s runways. Think of it as escapist fashion—what you might wear to the pool party, the neighborhood barbecue, or the inevitable slew of weddings sure to fill up your warm-weather calendar. Here’s a sampling of the coming season’s most covetable pieces.

The Bowling Shirt

It’s that time of year again. If you find yourself thumbing through your closet and searching for something other than a white T-shirt or a polo shirt, take some time to consider the bowling shirt. Yes, yesteryear’s favorite has emerged as another new-era favorite. It’s a sign of the times. In a moment when convenience, simplicity, and ease truly matter, it’s pieces like these that set a new precedent.

There’s a crisp and effortless quality about the bowling shirt that’s undeniable. You’ll find all manner of silky and organza numbers out there, but in the name of summertime comfort—and a decided effort to avoid sweat stains—it’s best to stick with a material like cotton or linen. This Paul Smith Multi-Striped Bowling Shirt ($350) evokes a sense of cool, laid-back normalcy—perfect for throwing on in lieu of a T-shirt for your aquatic adventures, outdoor events, and everything in between.

The Cotton Blazer

Blazers aren’t often considered prime summer wear, but there’s something to be said for those occasions that actually require them. Thicker materials are difficult to pull off during warmer weather, of course, but is there any way to implement a hint of structured style when you’re sweating bullets?

Simply: yes. It’s all dependent on the fabric, which has the ability to either suffocate your skin or gracefully negotiate your body without restricting movement. This Polo Ralph Lauren Single-Breasted Cotton-Chambray Blazer ($355) is a prime choice not just for its airy, light hue, but also for its well-formatted shape. It’s perfect for an outdoor wedding with a pair of lightweight chinos.

The Autumnal Hint

There’s no sense pretending that it’s cool outside when temperatures verge on unbearable and all you want to do is relax in front of the air conditioner while sipping a cold one. But there are moments when you have to do the grown-up thing and wear professional garb with a sense of authority. Bringing an autumnal twist to the mix is one of the most efficient ways to stay on the style track this summer.

No, that doesn’t mean slipping into wool and long sleeves, but it does mean adding a few unsuspecting shades to your repertoire. Among the season’s most-spotted catwalk hues were rust, copper, and maroon, all startling options that can work well on warmer days if done right. One way to bring it to life: these Givenchy Iridescent Skinny Trousers ($795), which evoke a sense of corporate style in crisp, no-fuss gray. Look closely, though, and you’ll see that orange woven through the fabric lends them a curiously chic vibe perfect for the season.

The Dressy Trunk

It’s something that you don’t quite think about when you’re thinking about your plans for summer vacation. Grabbing the most recent pair of swim trunks that you purchased is usually good enough. They’re in the water most of the time anyway, right? That’s true—but there’s something to be said for extending style to all areas of your life, and not just for your own appreciation.

The comfort factor matters, too, and that’s evident in a pair of Onia Charles Swim Trunks ($130). The shift is obvious: the silhouettes are less baggy, yet the streamlined silhouette doesn’t take away from comfort or efficiency in the pool or ocean. Comfortable lining, side pockets, and a convenient drawstring add to its practicality and ensure the right fit for any situation.

The Upscale Sneaker

Mainstream sneaker culture has officially been disrupted. Once populated by the hottest releases du jour—and the epic hoopla and fanfare that went along with them—the world of sporty footwear has taken a decidedly polished turn. The new breed is certain to give your wardrobe a significant style upgrade, making it possible to wear sneakers in situations that you may not have thought possible before.

There’s a sense of greater versatility about them at large. They’re casual with a twist, with slightly pared-back silhouettes that are less chunky than recent iterations. These Magnanni Marivo Sneakers ($395) exude sophistication thanks to a sleek profile and buttery soft leather. The sturdy sole, reminiscent of a boat shoe, lends it warm-weather appeal. It’s a chic choice for Sunday brunch or a wedding later in the season, as the deep hue extends well into autumn.