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Riz Ahmed is a British actor who has been a powerhouse on the entertainment scene since 2006. Most of the films that he made originally in his career were independent ones, but his star really started to rise when he appeared in “Nightcrawler” with Jake Gyllenhaal in 2014. A string of commercial and critical acclaim followed, including appearances in a Star Wars film, “Rogue One,” “Jason Bourne,” “Venom,” and a guest role on the HBO show, “Girls.”

He has an array of awards to his credit, like two Emmys, two Golden Globes, and two Screen Actors Guild awards. The one award he doesn’t have yet, although he has been nominated before, is an Academy Award. Recently nominated for Best Actor in a Lead Role for his work on “Sound of Metal,” a movie about a heavy metal drummer’s life, and how it changes considerably once he starts to lose his hearing. Riz not only had to learn how to drum for the film, but he had to learn a substantial amount of sign language as well. This movie showcases a powerful performance that drove Riz to new levels of dramatic achievement.

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To say that Riz is a good-looking man is quite an understatement. In fashion, he can manage to wear any kind of suit on his slim but muscular frame with the presence of a much taller man since he’s only 5’ 8”. Riz is the type of man that just seems so effortlessly cool. At 38-years-old, he’s secure in his sense of style which is a big deal for any man. He recently described his style in a Vogue Magazine article as being “about identity, not fashion.” Clearly, this is a man who takes everything he does very seriously, including the clothes he wears.

Riz’s Red Capet Style

With so many awards to his name and a very busy career, you can bet there are a ton of red carpet appearances over the years when Riz has made a big impression. Most of this award season has been virtual with celebrities making appearances at the many award shows over Zoom at their own homes or in well-appointed hotel rooms. For his look at the 2021 Golden Globes, he was styled by Julie Ragolia in a Celine Homme suit that was a formal grey pinstripe with a more casual grey roll-neck sweater. On his feet were basic white sneakers. Of course, it probably didn’t matter what he wore shoe-wise, since you couldn’t see his look from head-to-toe over a computer feed, but he was photographed by his wife for Vogue to showcase the style.

In past red carpet appearances, his look usually mixed modern flair with old-school style. Riz always looks pulled together without wearing anything too wild or unusual looking.

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At the Time Magazine 100 Gala in 2017, he wore a khaki suit by Prada with a button-down black dress shirt underneath. He was part of the list of the “100 most influential people in the world.” That’s a huge achievement, but on a more superficial level, at least the man knows how to rock a slim-fit suit like no one else.

At an Oscar appearance that same year, he wore a suit by Ermenegildo Zegna that was a bright blue with a traditional bowtie. Even in a classic tuxedo style, the color managed to surprise and delight fashion critics everywhere. It’s always nice to see a star wear something other than a basic black tuxedo because it’s not a look that someone like George Clooney could pull off.

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Riz isn’t afraid to shake things up with an interesting print either. At the Elle Style Awards, Riz wore a floral printed suit from Valentino with Christian Louboutin “Greggo” shoes. It was a bold and brave move to make that paid off since after that he ended up on quite a few “best dressed” lists around the world.

In an appearance at London’s Men’s Fashion Week in 2020, Riz wore a casual look that was all about comfort. The jacket was a cream-colored grandpa-style button-down with a white shirt, grey trousers, and Dunhill Radial emerald green and gold sneakers. He was probably the most comfortably dressed fellow there the entire week.

So you can see that no matter where Riz goes to make an appearance at any event, he does it with a style that is all his own. He’s not trying too hard to make an impression but always manages to look spot-on cool.

In His Off Time and Musical Style

In Riz’s off time, as a newlywed, since he just married his wife Fatima Farheen Mirza in 2020, his style is pretty much pairing basics with sneakers. She’s a budding novelist with a best-seller to her credit, and they got married quietly in a backyard wedding with hardly anyone there due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He likes standing or Mandarin collared jackets with pants and shirts in neutral colors. You don’t often see him in denim jeans running around town. Since he maintains a home in London, you will see him in longer style trench coats to deal with the colder weather.

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It’s worth mentioning that Riz is not only an accomplished actor, but one of his main hobbies is music. He is a rapper and MC that calls himself, Riz MC, in his performances as a solo artist. He also became part of the group the Swet Shop Boys in 2014 with their debut release album, “Swet Shop EP.”

Being a part of the hip-hop community influences his style in a number of ways. He mostly performs in casual looks, but the messages of his music are thought provoking with themes of racial tensions and the difficulties that immigrants face.

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Lots of men love a Mandarin collar jacket. You can see this look on stars like Denzel Washington and Mahershala Ali. There is a certain dramatic flair to this regal look. You can mimic Riz by wearing this John Varvatos Slim Fit Convertible Lapel Jacket. It’s a four-button textured navy style that you can easily see Riz wearing at his next movie premiere.

Underneath that same jacket, a good look to try is the roll-neck sweater. This style of sweater is much cooler looking than a turtleneck on a man with a more modern neckline that folds down lower. Sandro Paris makes a Roll Neck Wool Sweater that comes in black, navy, or yellow. The yellow one would look especially fetching under a grey jacket.

Riz likes the color blue. That’s why having a slim-fit suit in blue would be in his wheelhouse of style experience. You can’t go wrong with Tom Ford Sharkskin Wool Shelton Suit, a two-button style in “Airforce Blue” that is crafted in Italy.

Every once in a while, you’ll see Riz in a statement-making pattern. Having a patterned shirt will show off this style in the most perfect way. Burberry’s Fish-Scale Print Silk Shirt in olive is new for spring 2021 and would look sensational on Riz, or you, if you dare.

Don’t forget that neutrals rule for Riz, and he’s not usually seen in denim staples, so trousers are essential in a baggy style for his off days. Brunello Cucinelli’s Trousers With Drawstring are made of linen for lightweight sophistication and the utmost comfort.

Finally, Riz has proven that he’s a fan of sneakers, kicks, trainers, or whatever you want to call them on his feet. He’s often photographed in a basic white pair, but he’s also not afraid of color. A pair that is exactly right which Riz has been seen wearing is the Harrys of London sneaker. The Nimble HL Soft Milled classic lace-up sneaker is an essential basic that every man should own multiple pairs in black, brown, and white.

Making Waves At The Oscars

Although Ahmed didn’t take home the Oscar a few weeks back, he did steal the show on the red carpet. He wore a sleek all-black Prada tux with a high-neck shirt and a silk cummerbund. But it was actually the moment when he stopped the red carpet to fix his wife’s hair that made viewers around the world swoon. So while he didn’t take home the Best Actor trophy, he did go home with Best Husband award and a legion of new fans.

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