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Your sock game has never been so good. Why? Spring, folks, is sock season, and it’s time to roll up the winter woolies in favor of some breathable, hyper-soft options that provide that ever-important combination of style and coverage. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite statement socks for spring, each offering its own unique vibe — and, of course, plenty of comfort.

Thunders Love Colour-Block Recycled Cotton Blend Socks

You’ll never meet a cooler eco-friendly sock than this. Thunders’ Love Colour-Block Recycled Cotton Blend Socks are the spring-fresh accessories you probably didn’t know you needed. A rich multicolored medley coupled with recycled cotton contributes to a sock you’ll find excuses to wear every week.


The Elder Statesman Hot Yosemite Tie-Dyed Cashmere Socks

Oh, the luxuriousness of it all. There’s nothing like a plush sock that feels so good, you may want to wear them to bed. The Elder Statesman Hot Yosemite Tie-Dyed Cashmere Socks are equal parts supple and trendy. Who can resist that edgy tie-dye flair? It’s a funky and unexpected touch that brings balance to the style.


Bombas Men’s Mixed Pattern Calf Sock 4-Pack

What happens when you can’t choose just one? You snag more, of course. Bombas Mixed Pattern Calf Socks offer the best of four worlds. Fun patterns give you a little something to show off, but it’s the technical details—like the ability to stay up, seamless toes, an Achilles cushion, and a cushioned footbed—that really set them apart.


Bombas Performance Running Calf Socks

When you just can’t sit still, you need a pair of socks that provides more than just coverage. Enter Bombas Performance Running Calf Socks, which seem to check every box and then some. Yes, they’re pretty funky in that signature Bombas way, but they also wick moisture from your skin so your feet stay dry, and feature strategic cushioning for max comfort.


Happy Socks Toast Socks

Talk about living up to the name. Happy Socks Toast Socks are every bit the cheery little accessories you imagine—times infinity. If ever there was such a thing as too happy, you’ve met your match in these seriously playful socks. They’re gonna make you hungry, but when was that ever a problem?


Happy Socks Stripes & Dots Socks

For those moments when you just can’t decide, there are Happy Socks Stripes & Dots Socks. There’s something for every pattern fanatic on these wildly peppy accents that take any outfit to the next level—even if you’re the only one who ever sees them. Who says you can’t wear ‘80s-worthy dots with stripes that would make any kid envious?


Sock Fancy Throwback 6-Pack Crew Socks

If you’re one of the many who fondly remembers the Me Decade and wishes you could take a DeLorean back in time, you definitely aren’t alone. Until that day arrives, there’s a pack of Sock Fancy Throwback 6-Pack Crew Socks to see you through the 21st century. Just a glance and you’ll remember the graphic tees you rocked in sixth grade. Rad.


Happy Socks Pizza Socks Gift Set

You know a good slice of pie when you taste it, so it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll feel just as positive about the Happy Socks Pizza Socks Gift Set. Whether for you or the biggest pizza connoisseur in your life, these socks are sure to bring a big smile to any face. Bright neon slices grace red and black backdrops, lending eye-popping quirk to your footwear.


RicherPoorer Quilt Lightweight Crew Socks

Ah, the ease and comfort of a great pair of everyday socks. RicherPoorer Quilt Lightweight Crew Socks bring a little dose of style to your sock collection. They’re just right for virtually anything your day might bring—a day at the office, a walk around the park with the dog, a day at the lake, or a chill session on the couch.


Happy Socks Lemonade Socks

Eternal optimists, these are for you. Happy Socks Lemonade Socks just brim with the kind of glass-half-full cheer that defines your life. You’re not one to take things too personally, and you see sunshine even on cloudy days. So a pair of black socks adorned with tropical cups of lemony goodness? That’s definitely right up your alley.


PS Paul Smith Men’s Socks

Ordinary? Never. PS Paul Smith Men’s Socks put a decidedly unique and interesting spin on a pair of otherwise standard black socks. There’s a classy feel about these sleek companions that are dotted with multicolored zebras to surprisingly reserved effect. They’re the types of socks you could just as easily wear to the office as you could date night.


RicherPoorer Storm Midweight Crew Socks

Not too heavy, not too light. RicherPoorer Storm Midweight Crew Socks strike the perfect balance, bringing soft and cozy comfort to your everyday routine. They also offer a refreshing take on everyday neutrals, and are enhanced with the company’s signature Silver Lining Blend, which incorporates silver fibers to promote all-day freshness.


RicherPoorer Paintbrush Socks

Wielding good style with every step, RicherPoorer Paintbrush Socks bring something new to your wardrobe. The midweight texture is just right, providing continuous comfort without feeling too airy or too heavy. Thick stripes add visual intrigue, yielding a look that is decidedly creative and sophisticated at once.


Burberry Patchwork Check Cotton Cashmere Blend Socks

When you’re discerning about your accessories, you can be certain that nothing will top a pair of Burberry Patchwork Check Cotton Cashmere Blend Socks. Not only do they bear the distinctive check from the storied English label, but they’re also Italian-made with the finest blend of cotton and cashmere, plus a touch of elastane for all-important stretch.


RicherPoorer Waves Socks

Riding the waves is one of the best ways to coast through life. Even better is when you have the opportunity to do that with a dose of big style. That’s an easy feat when you’ve got these RicherPoorer Waves Socks on your, er, feet. Warm, rich tones brim with earthy appeal, adding a pop of color to any understated outfit.