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As temperatures drop and the promise of frightful weather looms ever closer, it’s an opportune time to explore the upcoming winter’s most enticing fashion trends. Although you may dread replacing your warm- and comfortable-weather essentials for those pieces better suited to those less than pleasant days and nights ahead, it bears recognizing that these sartorial swaps are well worth the agony of a brisk wind or the occasional snowfall.

The beauty of it all may well be in the wearability of it all. While runways often run rampant with dubious looks that wouldn’t quite pass muster in the real world, the reigning pieces this year indicate that comfort and style do, in fact, go hand in hand. Yet that doesn’t mean it’s boring—quite the contrary, according to the patterns, materials, and colors that dictate winter will be your wardrobe’s most exciting ever. Here, a glimpse at some of the season’s most beguiling trends.


Black Watch Tartan Stretch-Wool Knit Blazer from Brooks Brothers

Like taking a trip back in time—perhaps to your private school youth—tartan illustrates that everything old eventually becomes new again. The traditional pattern channels a certain disciplinarian, top-button approach in its most basic form. Modern interpretations weave bright hues into the mix, allowing you to rock more than the average mustard yellows and forest greens that tend to dominate the coolest months of the year. Wear it as an accent or steal a style cue from authentic punk looks and make it a more predominant part of your look. Tartan blazer and jeans, anyone? Try this Black Watch Tartan Stretch-Wool Knit Blazer ($298) from Brooks Brothers.


Goorin Brothers The Good Boy Felt Wool Fedora

Tip your hat to the reemergence of the storied fedora. It’s an old-world accessory that never truly left—but this winter, it enjoys particular importance for its classic-meets-hipster appeal. Although it’s often been a contentious accessory that falls firmly into one of two camps and seemingly has limited appeal, the oft-revived fedora is no stranger to controversy. If you’re Frank Sinatra, it works. If you’re the hipster attempting irony in a dapper gent’s hat, it may draw a few wayward glances. So what’s the best way to pull it off? First, make sure it’s the real deal and not a trilby. Then opt for a smart neutral tone with a brim that’s not too exaggerated. Think polished, not costumey—as in this Goorin Brothers The Good Boy Felt Wool Fedora ($60).



Ralph Lauren Purple Label RLX Skidmore Corduroy Puffer Jacket

You’ll be forgiven if you have a “what?” moment after setting eyes on corduroy. Just call it the warmer, more approachable velvet—not quite the same, natch, but a fabric whose sensibility rests in its coziness and inherent ability to keep you toasty. There’s a certain seventies connotation which will never fade, and you may be dubious that it would ever work for you. Here’s why it absolutely will: designers aren’t shying away from creating elaborate pieces that yank the cord, so to speak, in an entirely different direction. The result is something highly unexpected, yet completely wearable. Try this Ralph Lauren Purple Label RLX Skidmore Corduroy Puffer Jacket ($1695) if you’re craving some cold-weather wardrobe refreshment, stat.

Quirky Boots

Nicks Robert Suede Roughout Boot

Functional and foolproof, winter boots don’t often earn the “fashionable” distinction in the same breath. Yet this year finds the famed footwear taking a far more adventurous road in its efforts to keep you warm. You’ll find rugged lug soles, sporty hikers, and combats with all kinds of details you didn’t realize you needed—color gradations, contrasting topstitching, snug lace fronts, and strong embellishments. You’re bound to find a few you can’t imagine actually wearing, but for every questionable boot there’s one that’s just bold enough to fit into your wardrobe without making you lose your cool. Case in point: a pair of Nicks Robert Suede Roughout Boot ($495).


Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece® 3-D Knit Marled Alpaca-Blend Turtleneck Cable Sweater

You savvy fellow, you. The turtleneck, too, is a bit of a throwback—something you may recall from kindergarten or your dad’s seventies’ wardrobe. Yet here they come, so simple and effortless and comfortable that you can’t help but want to wear it every single day of the season. First, there’s the practicality of the piece. It’s naturally warm and cozy. Next, its versatility. While you might feel a bit at odds with yourself over your sudden desire to wear a high-necked top, you’ll be delighted by how well it wears with a few of your favorites. A smart turtleneck is amazing beneath a tailored blazer, a pair of jeans, and sturdy boots. If all you want is your sweater to hug you close every day, you won’t go wrong in this Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece® 3-D Knit Marled Alpaca-Blend Turtleneck Cable Sweater ($598).


The Eighties

Zara Striped Knit Sweater

Oh, it’s true. Unless you have something against bright colors, hair bands, and general excess, you’ll love the way the decade’s best pieces reinvigorate your winter wardrobe. There’s a certain “power” theme revolving around everything—especially on vivacious tops, which are considerably easier to pull off than, say, baggy pants. It’s all best kept in casual circles, of course, unless you work in a creative, especially welcoming environment where ripped jeans, high-top sneakers, and oversized tops are perfectly acceptable. This Zara Striped Knit Sweater ($49.90) offers a fun take on the trend. A word of caution: let’s avoid the mullets this time around.