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Located in San Diego’s Liberty Station Moniker General is a space unlike any other in America’s Finest City. Or anywhere else, for that matter. The new concept retail and community space combines home goods, custom furniture, and craft coffee and beer in one unique store. We sat down with the team behind Moniker Group to learn more about the brand’s newest outpost.

“The idea for Moniker General is both old and new,” says Moniker Group Founder and CEO Ryan Sisson. “The old idea is based on the core of why we exist at Moniker. Our purpose really is people. It’s about investing in them or with them, inspiring them and helping them step in the direction of the dreams and passions that they have. With that we want to create environments where people come together and connect. We believe that community is vital to the development of each other and so we strive to create those spaces.”

Our purpose really is people. It’s about investing in them or with them, inspiring them and helping them step in the direction of the dreams and passions that they have.

With these values in mind, the team set out to create something new in collaboration with the real estate developer of Liberty Station, the former Naval Training center turned shopping, dining, and cultural center in San Diego’s Point Loma neighborhood. With plans for numerous restaurants in the Arts District area of Liberty Station, the developer wanted to offer a retail space that would allow customers from the surrounding restaurants to gather and browse before or after their meals. “We really worked with them to create a hub for this food-centric part of the project,” Sisson notes.

In order to really understand Moniker General, however, you need to understand Moniker Group, which has 6 different brands living underneath it, all connected by vision and values. The brands, which include a co-working space, a furniture line, a real estate development company, and a craft coffee line, have their own specific identity and business model but are part of the larger family. “The brands work together to help make each other successful like a smaller community inside the business. [Moniker] General wouldn’t exist without the ability and resources of Moniker Design.”

The uniqueness of Moniker General lies not only in its purpose, but also in its design. The space gives Moniker a platform to present great local brands in a way that showcases the abilities of makers and designers in San Diego. “We wanted to make sure the craft of our city was on display along side some larger and more well known national and even global brands,” says Sisson.

So what does the future hold? “We see Moniker General continuing to be a place where we can platform great retail brands in our extended community while inviting people into a 3rd space that is both inspiring and community building. We’d like to see more locations and more opportunities to connect our vision with people in the surrounding community. We also are looking forward to launching our eCommerce site and expanding the reach of the products we have well beyond the walls of the store.”

Stop by Moniker General a grab a a coffee (courtesy of Moniker Coffee Co., of course) while you browse brands like Bradley Mountain, HOLD, Norden Goods, Linus Bike, Affinitá Surf Craft, Nudie Jeans Co., Richer Poorer, and Polk Audio. Once you’ve finished shopping, stick around for a beer from local craft brewery 32 North. Trust us, this is one store you won’t want to leave.

Visit Moniker General:
2860 Sims Rd
San Diego, California 92106