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Mixology is part art, part science, which is probably why it’s quickly becoming the go-to hobby for people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. You don’t have to be a pro to turn a simple array of liquor, mixers, and fresh produce into something scrumptious, but with the right tools you can make like an expert.

Treat yourself of someone you love to the gift of good bartending with these products perfect for the wannabe mixologist.

Refresh Glasses

12 oz Refresh Glasses are shipped in custom packaging that shows the brand's unique story. Each glass from Refresh Glass is created from a wine bottle that the brand collects from local bars and restaurants, working towards their 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission. During the creation process the glasses are melted to create a smooth, even, rounded rim, perfect for sipping your favorite beverage.

Gin-Fusion Kit

Learn mixology starting with the basics when you whip up your own gin using this distill-at-home kit from Man Crates. You’ll get two glass bottles, two bartop corks, a recipe booklet, and a ton of aromatics including juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, lavender, citrus peel, grains of paradise, and cardamom pods. Follow the advice of the experts and recreate an existing blend or throw caution to the wind and concoct a signature brew for one-of-a-kind G&Ts and martinis.

Great American Flask

Bourbon whiskey is almost as American as apple pie and the good old red, white, and blue, and now you can carry your patriotic tipple (or whatever other spirits float your boat) in an equally historic vessel. The Great American Flask by Jacob Bromwell dates back to 1819, and is still handcrafted using pure, solid copper for the body and American Birch for the stopper.

Oster® JūsSimple™ Easy Juice Extractor

The world’s top mixologists never reach for a can of juice or frozen purees, they make their guava syrups and Bloody Mary mixes from scratch. This Oster JusSimple Juicer is more efficient and far faster than hand squeezers and can pulverize non-citrus goodies, too; use it to turn lemons into frozen basil-spiked adult lemonades and whole ginger into refreshingly spicy Moscow Mules.

Hella Bitters 5 Flavor Bar Set

Bitters are flavoring agents that contain some kind of base neutral spirit and a strategic assortment of aromatics, like fruits, herbs, and spices. Though bitters were originally conceived as a medicinal treatment for everything from stomachaches to malaria, today they’re a way for aspiring mixologists to create unique, complex drinks. This set includes ginger, aromatic, orange, citrus, and smoke chili bitters, all ready for experimentation.


Personalized Decanter with Aerator

Sometimes even the most gifted mixologists want to kick back and relax with a relatively work-free bottle of wine. This personalized decanter with aerator is a two-for-one win; the decanted is great for storing and displaying an open bottle of vino while the aerator helps breathe new life into older varietals that need a little extra help to reach their full potential.

WhistlePig Farmstock

$69.99 to $149.99*
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WhistlePig is a Vermont-based distillery with one mission: to produce top-of-the-line farm-to-bottle whiskey. This tasty rye proves that mission has been a success. The bold, rich blend features WhistlePig’s estate whiskey combined with their medium-aged rye as well as a 12-year whiskey. The result is a mixologist’s dream, ready to be imbibed as is or topped with an artisanal mixer.

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Craft Beer Club

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To make good drinks, you must experience good drinks, and for most bartenders that means thinking beyond booze and into the realm of beer. Sign someone special up for a craft beer of the month club and they’ll have the opportunity to taste a variety of flavors made by some of the leading lights in the world of craft brewing. Each delivery includes 12 12-ounce beers spanning four different styles as well as a newsletter with information and pairing suggestions.

Cirrus Ice Sphere Press Kit

Spherical ice cubes are one of the hottest trends in mixology, but they have a practical purpose, too. These large spheres that melt at a glacial pace, chilling everything from peaty Scotch to a bittersweet Negroni while maintaining every ounce of each drink’s innate complexity and charm. Rather than filling molds and waiting for them to freeze, you can make ice balls to order using this all-in-one kit that transforms ice blocks into spheres in less than a minute.

CB2 Cavalier Bar Cart

Not everyone has the space to install a full-sized home bar. When small spaces threaten to derail your mixology dreams, this vintage-inspired bar cart rolls to the rescue. Clean lines, interchangeable shelves, brass and marble construction, and black-finished steel wheels all work together to create a surface that works as good as it looks.