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When shopping for the Outdoorsman on your list, you need to make sure that any gift you get him will be durable enough to weather the elements and will be ready to perform when he needs it the most. From clothing, to tents, to survival kits, there are plenty of products out there he’s sure to use and enjoy. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Kodiak Canvas Swag Canvas Tent

There are times in a man’s life when he just needs to pack up and venture off on a solo journey into the wilderness. The Kodiak Canvas Swag Canvas Tent is a portable, one-person sleeping system made just for these adventures. It’s made with premium-grade, Hydra-Shield, includes a 2-inch thick open-cell, polyurethane foam mattress pad, and when you wake up the next morning, you can neatly roll up the Swag Canvas Tent into a compact form factor, perfect for carrying on your adventure.

Camper Firepit

With the Camper Firepit from Stahl, you can take your firepit on vacation. The lightweight aluminum makes this firepit ideal for car camping, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience. It’s built from aluminum for lightweight carry and disassembles for easy storage.

  • Outdoorsman

Kitsbow Power Wool Base Layer

For the mountain biker on your list, the Kitsbow Power Wool Base Layer will keep him warm and dry while out on the trail. Temperature regulating Polartec Power Wool can comfortably be worn in any weather, either as a base layer or by itself.

Rumpl PUFFe- Heated Blanket

Rumpl introduces a portable battery-powered heated blanket that will keep you warm, no matter where you are. Available in either natural down or synthetic insulation, the PUFFe- Heated Blanket is durable, water resistant, machine washable, extremely light weight, and will warm you in seconds. The portable battery can even charge your mobile devices up to four times or keep the blanket running for up to ten hours. It can also double duty as a light source, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost in the dark.

Uncharted Supply Company SEVENTY2 Survival Kit

The Uncharted Supply Company SEVENTY2 Survival Kit is the world’s first fully-integrated 72 hour survival system created by a team of world-class doctors, climbers, military, and first responders that can turn a potentially deadly situation into a minor inconvenience. The list of products included in the survival kit are comprehensive, ranging from Chem Lights to a convertible shovel/pickaxe.