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Convenience. We’re all about it in this modern world. If it doesn’t tuck neatly into a desk drawer, a glove compartment, a backpack pocket, or an actual pocket? Forget about it. We’re all about minimizing bulk, reducing clutter, and keeping things to a minimum — without sacrificing functionality.

For the people in your life who appreciate the wonders of the great outdoors and have a certain affinity for said conveniences, we’ve made life simpler by rounding up a handful of EDC objects that are perfect for everything, anytime, anywhere. Best of all, they come in at under $100 each. Here’s what we love.

Leatherman FREE K2 Pocket Knife

There’s nothing ordinary about a knife that does a lot more than you might expect. The Leatherman FREE K2 Pocket Knife is a robust tool that offers extreme functionality in one sleek, deft package. In addition to the 420HC knife, it also includes a pry tool, a package opener, an awl, a bottle opener, and Phillips, medium, and extra-small screwdrivers. Each is carefully housed within the slender, aluminum body, and all open easily with the push of the thumb. Forget about digging things out during inopportune moments. Like we said: convenience.

VSSL Camp Supplies Mini Ultra-Compact Adventure Kit

At a glance, you might assume the VSSL Camp Supplies Mini Ultra-Compact Adventure Kit is nothing more than a bright flashlight. That it is — the LED light floods even the dimmest of spaces with crisp, true, lasting illumination. But tucked inside the kit is a boon of essentials for the preparedness junkie in your life. They’ll find all of the essentials to start fires, a sewing kit, a rope and razor kit, and a compact first aid kit. The convenient clip makes it easy to affix to a belt loop or a backpack.

SOG Knives Fasthawk Polished Hatchet

Inspired by a mission performed by a special ops unit in 1964, the SOG Knives Fasthawk Polished Hatchet meets all the demands of any covert military officer — and then some. This high-performance tool is ready for action. It’s designed to cut, chop, dig, pierce, shave, throw, and pound, essentially handling whatever is on your outdoor lover’s list with smooth precision. It’s made with highly durable stainless steel, so they can trust it will last and last without fail.

Lifestraw Flex With Gravity Bag

That feeling when you know you’re consuming only the purest and freshest water is essentially priceless. It’s precisely what makes the Lifestraw Flex With Gravity Bag such an essential for campers and hikers. It’s designed to filter water on the go — up to a gallon — so that it’s safe to consume. The gravity bag contains a hollow membrane that’s designed to remove harmful particulates, from sediment and bacteria to parasites and chlorine. Odors are eliminated, too, ensuring that the water tastes perfect.

The opportunity to catch some shut-eye can occur at any time, which is what makes the Ghost Outdoors Carry-On Hammock such a practical part of any outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal. It’s not just good for heavy-duty adventurers, but anyone who takes part in the occasional camping trip or hike. It’s even great for infrequent trips to the park. Available in a variety of colors, it’s easy to select a style that best resonates with your favorite outdoorsy type. It’s super lightweight so it won’t add bulk, yet it’s tough and durable enough to stand the test of time thanks to its parachute nylon material. It packs into its own bag for added convenience.

Big Idea Design Titanium Pocket Tool

A multifunctional tool is a dream for anyone who spends considerable time outside. The Big Idea Design Titanium Pocket Tool, or TPT, is known for its ability to do virtually anything with ease. It’s made with a highly durable titanium frame. The universal wrench features 15 socket sizes, a detachable pocket clip, a pair of flathead screwdrivers, a bottle opener, an internal magnet, a ¼” hex bit opening, a mini pry bar/scraper, measurement cues, a camping fork, a lanyard hole with a paracord, and a stainless steel blade.