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Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year — but ask someone who’s shopping aimlessly for the guy who seemingly has it all. Not so wonderful, right? In fact, it can be downright frustrating to spend what feels like hours going through product after product searching in vain for what could end up being that lightbulb gift. If you don’t happen to stumble upon said gift in time, well, your recipient will just have to delight in yet another bottle of cologne or a necktie (again). Not so fast! We’ve rounded up over 20 of the very best gifts to give the guy who has everything — and these are real-deal, VIP, MVP gifts that are sure to bring a smile to his lips.

Cowboy Cauldron Fire Pit

For the guy who loves spending quality time outside, nothing beats a fire pit like this one from Cowboy Cauldron — especially when it’s made of durable stainless steel and includes a grilling grate. It’s easy to disassemble, too, in case he wants to take it elsewhere. A convenient rain cover is also included to shield it from the elements.


Kindred Motorworks 3100 Truck

For the vintage truck lover who truly has everything, this stunning electric Kindred Chevy 3100 offers custom leather upholstery, bench seat with headrests and center seating, EV specific original style gauge cluster, rotary gear selector and touchscreen media center.


Joy Resolve Barisieur Tea and Coffee Alarm Clock

Their first thought on the daily? Probably something about that first cup of coffee. Heck, maybe the first thing they do is reach for a cup of joe. So it makes a huge amount of sense to surprise them with the Joy Resolve Barisieur Tea and Coffee Alarm Clock that doubles as an actual coffeemaker — yes, really. They’ll awake to the dulcet tones of water bubbling and coffee brewing… and that incredible aroma, too. You may finally have found the gift of their dreams!


Klhip Ultimate Clipper

Those in the know appreciate the Klhip Ultimate Clipper for its strength and durability. The award-winning product is a favorite for its groundbreaking design, which may be a feature they didn’t realize they actually needed in a nail clipper. These are ergonomically structured, offering better grip and control through their self-care sessions. The built-in cavity holds clippings, too.


The Crafty Cocktail Slate Dome Cocktail Smoking Kit

For the cocktail connoisseur, nothing is more satisfying than whipping up a dreamy concoction at home — and wowing the crowd while they’re entertaining. It’s what makes The Crafty Cocktail Slate Dome Cocktail Smoking Kit such an apt gift. This set has all they need, including a smoking platform, a serving tray, and a package of oak whiskey barrel smoking chips. Bottoms up!


Ice Barrel

What would life be without an ice bath? For chionophiles, they’re a given. For those who are just discovering the benefits of dipping a toe or more into ice-cold water, the Ice Barrel could end up being a life-changing gift. This lightweight receptacle features a sturdy UV lid to keep the water cold and clean, along with a drainage system and a step stool for easy entry and exit.


Little Building Co. DIY Guggenheim Museum Architectural Model

Model-building is an age-old hobby, but one that’s distinctly rooted in the past. The creative souls in your life may be more than appreciative of the Little Building Co. DIY Guggenheim Museum Architectural Model for that reason alone. There’s something that’s sure to spark their imaginations as they put together this 1:500 scale model of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright-designed museum.


Mmx Vancouver Marshmallow Crossbow

Meet the friendliest crossbow that ever existed. Its amunition? None other than a fluffy marshmallow! The Mmx Vancouver Marshmallow Crossbow is fun and interesting and beautifully handcrafted with handsome wood. The result is a stylish tool that will make quick work of standard-size marshmallows from distances as far as 60 feet away.


Transparent Small Transparent Glass Speaker

They’ll leave all thoughts of other loudspeakers in the past when they get their hands on the Transparent Small Transparent Glass Speaker. Not only is it incredibly stylish, with an eye-catching modern façade that is destined to spark a few conversations, but it also produces fantastic audio quality and offers both cable and Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities.


Honest John Bitters Sampler Set

If they’re all about crafting cocktails at home, they’ll absolutely love the Honest John Bitters Sampler Set. Featuring a variety of flavors ranging from orange and grapefruit to sarsaparilla and coffee/cherry, it offers a unique medley of 10 different flavors. The kit also includes a handy recipe book and a pair of Honest John coasters.


Holubar Deer Hunter Winter Parka

Braving the cold is not an easy thing, especially when there isn’t a quality coat to be found in his closet. The Holubar Deer Hunter Winter Parka will quickly replace whatever he uses now — and it’s more than equipped to handle those hardcore winter days that bring the big weather. It’s filled with 80% goose down and 20% duck down and has both an adjustable hood and a detachable, feather-padded collar.


Shepherd of Sweden Anton Slipper

That plush life just got a little more upscale thanks to the Shepherd of Sweden Anton Slipper. About as remarkably cozy as footwear gets, these stylish home-friendly shoes are destined to keep him warm and toasty while he hangs at home. The ankle-height styling adds a little extra warmth, while the notches at the sides make stepping into and out of them a breeze.


Moccamaster KBGV Coffee Maker

Whether they prefer to brew a half carafe or full, they’ll do it with ease thanks to the Moccamaster KBGV Coffee Maker, which lives up to its name as “master” of coffee ceremonies in more ways than one. The machine adjusts both hotplate temperature and brewing speed automatically, and turns off after 100 minutes for safety.


Marcellin Ice Stamp Set

Your entertainer friends can take any party to the next level with the Marcellin Ice Stamp Set. Complete with a variety of interchangeable brass stamp disks that attach to the included wooden handle, the set makes it easy for them to customize their cubes to lend any cocktail a far more unique look. Talk about a conversation starter!


Lyfe Manual Juice Press

For those who prefer to take a more hands-on approach to their culinary tasks, the Lyfe Manual Juice Press is sure to deliver. Offering 1,500 pounds of pressing force, it’s made with sturdy cast aluminum and features removable stainless steel press elements and a removable silicone spill tray to make cleanup a snap.


Trova GO Plus Biometric Stash Case

Staying organized can be tricky for most folks, but luckily the Trova GO Plus Biometric Stash Case has a handle on the situation. This sleek and roomy case offers more than enough room for the everyday essentials, from cash and coins to jewelry and trinkets. Whatever they need to keep concealed and in one place, they can easily make a home for it in this compact companion.


Dr. Barbara Sturm Men’s Essential Set

Celebrity-approved but more than worthy of attention from the collective world, the Dr. Barbara Sturm Men’s Essential Set serves as a fantastic introduction to the brand that’s renowned for its potent, high-quality formulas designed to do everything from nourish and soften to heal and reduce the visible signs of aging. This kit includes a cleanser, a hyaluronic serum, and a face cream.


LEGO Colosseum

The beauty of a truly iconic work of art cannot be denied — nor can the equally mind-blowing appeal of the LEGO Colosseum. And oh, will they be proud when they put together this iconic piece from scratch! With a whopping 9,036 pieces, it’s just perfect for the creative, focused, and playful people in your life who want to dip into childhood memories and leave feeling satisfied that they created something amazing.


VIVE Flow VR Glasses

In the modern world, wearable tech items are a dime a dozen. Few, however, offer the same promise and potential as VIVE Flow VR Glasses. They’re simple to use, so they’re great for beginners, yet just as appealing to anyone who has experience in this arena. For example, the glasses pair with phones easily, allowing for seamless app integration. With these, they can experience the wonders of the future right before their eyes.


Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station

The frustration involved with managing multiple cables and charging just a couple of items at a time is widely known. Yet with items like the Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station available, those problems become a thing of the past. This dock is designed to declutter their space while charging up to five devices at the same time. It’s convenience in the palm of their hand — and anyone with a tablet, a cell phone, and a pair of wireless earbuds will appreciate it.


LG Styler Mirror Programmable Standing Fabric Steamer

Wrinkles, begone. Never again will they need to deal with unsightly fabric creases. The LG Styler Mirror Programmable Standing Fabric Steamer makes quick work of those aesthetically displeasing details — while adding a surprisingly stylish touch to any space. It’s a sleek device designed to minimize odors while refreshing clothes to lend them that like-new, fresh-from-the-dryer vibe


Finding the perfect gift for anyone can be a challenge at the best of times. With these creative ideas in mind, you may just end up making their holiday the brightest yet.