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You don’t need to be a designer to appreciate quality design. And we all have someone in our lives who just gets it. They understand the value of shape, structure, and color, and the ways in which they come together to create something new and unique. It’s these details that make their homes so special, setting their living spaces apart with eye-catching distinction. For those people in your life with impeccable style and eye for design, here are some exceptional gift ideas that they’ll love.

Dusen Dusen Everybody Tissue Box Cover

Wildly imaginative, the Dusen Dusen Everybody Tissue Box Cover puts a fresh spin on the tissue box that sits by their bedside. Vibrant, contrasting colors make this interesting accent a focal point of the room despite its compact size. Designed to accommodate cube tissue boxes, it’s designed with sturdy plywood that’s easy to wipe clean.


Gromeo Mini Living Wall System

Green walls have virtually transformed life for botanical enthusiasts who wish to incorporate more fresh vegetation into their worlds. The Gromeo Mini Living Wall System is the latest way to level up, offering a self-watering system that completely eliminates all maintenance needs. Compact and easy to hang, it’s available in a variety of styles for different light levels. There are even pet-friendly options for the proud animal owners in your life.


Craighill Sigma Touch Tool

Life is about to get just a little bit easier for some folks. At a glance, the Craighill Sigma Touch Tool looks like an attractive and shapely brass decoration. But this isn’t just eye candy — it’s a groundbreaking way to avoid touching doorknobs and elevator buttons that might otherwise spread germs. They can simply use this solid piece, which is sized just right for tucking into a pocket or drawer.


Bloomscape Arch Propagation Kit

Maybe they love the idea of being more “planty” but haven’t quite gotten there yet, or they’ve expressed an interest in incorporating more houseplants. Whatever the case, the Bloomscape Arch Propagation Kit helps them get there. It contains all they need to nurture and nourish their own beautiful greenery, including a handsome stand, a glass tube, and rooting hormones.


Loftie Alarm Clock

Staying glued to the phone is a recipe for a poor night’s sleep. Even worse, it’s the first thing most of us grab when we hit snooze in the morning. Enter the Loftie Alarm Clock, a smartly crafted device that features a dual alarm system (one gentle, one louder but still calm), a white noise system, nature sounds, a nightlight, blackout mode, and a backup battery for convenience. There’s even a companion sleeping mask. For the people who just can’t sleep, this should do the trick.


Creative Spaces: People, Homes, and Studios to Inspire

Inspiration comes from the strangest places — but also often from the most obvious. Creative Spaces: People, Homes, and Studios to Inspire offers a delightful peek into the homes and lives of an array of authors, designers, and entrepreneurs. Design lovers will be wowed by the interesting photographs that showcase the unique ways people incorporate textures, shapes, and colors in their living spaces.


Yui Brooklyn Knot Shaped Candle

The average candle doesn’t usually serve as much of a focal point, but the Yui Brooklyn Knot Shaped Candle is a game changer of the best kind. Tied into a distinctive knot, it’s made with non-GMO soy wax and cotton wicks. Available in an array of colors, it makes a cool addition to a nightstand or tabletop.


Mr. N – Accent LED Table Lamp

It’s the rare light fixture that captures the kind of attention that the Mr. N – Accent LED Table Lamp is sure to receive. This outstanding piece makes life more interesting thanks to its arched silhouette and contemporary vibe. It’s just the thing for anyone who appreciates crisp, avant-garde style.


Rado True Square Watch

A clever take on the pocket watch, the Rado True Square Watch unites the best of yesteryear with a flawless futurism. The result is a fearless timepiece that’s light and highly durable, faintly reminiscent of the past but with a forward-thinking edge. There’s a hint of 1980s influence in the mix, too, making it a chic choice for those who routinely dream of neon and big hair.


Lumio Lito Classic Wood Portable Light

Clean lines set the Lumio Lito Classic Wood Portable Light apart, but there’s far more to this interesting accent than meets the eye. You may know it’s a light, but at a glance it looks like nothing more than a book. Then it opens up to reveal a wonderful glow that’s just bright enough to illuminate their favorite actual book.


Lexon OBLIO Wireless Charger Station

There are some items they probably don’t even know they need. The Lexon OBLIO Wireless Charger Station is an exceptional example — a sleek, stylish, and sharply thoughtful piece designed to charge any smartphone measuring 4.7 to 6.6 inches in screen size. It also has an antibacterial UV light with ionizer technology, making it a practical choice for the modern world.


Uncommon Goods Paper Bag Recycling Bin

Keeping recycling within easy reach, the Uncommon Goods Paper Bag Recycling Bin is the perfect companion for anyone who’s interested in reducing their carbon footprint. It’s sized and styled just right for accommodating a traditional paper bag, which they can use to hold the recycling before taking it to the nearest drop-off center. The bin itself is made with 100% recycling plastic.


SIN Weylyn Candelabra

Celebrations will never be the same once the SIN Weylyn Candelabra enters the picture. This stylish piece incorporates gentle undulations to create a unique, eye-catching look. It’s designed to hold up to six candles, but serves as an interesting work of art when it’s not aglow.


Herman Miller Graphic Art Collection

A selection of the manufacturer’s most famous advertisements and catalogs makes the Herman Miller Graphic Art Collection worthy of a second, third, and fourth glance. Each piece brims with vibrancy and color, and offers a peek at the Miller archives at its best. Rich tones coupled with nostalgic designs will appeal to any art enthusiast.


George Sowden Kettle

They’ll never make an ordinary cup of tea again. The George Sowden Kettle elevates the experience considerably with its double-walled structure designed to hold heat with greater intensity, plus an easy-pour spout and a hidden cord under the base. It’s available in a variety of palettes and boasts a vintage aesthetic that adds a fun element to their kitchen.