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Spring has arrived with warmer breezes, spring showers, and all the budding flowers you can handle. It’s a lovely time of year when you don’t have to get dressed up in endless layers and jackets to even be outside. Take the light-heartedness of spring to your soul with clothing that enhances the season. Here are the best and most fun shirts for spring that everyone should be wearing.

OAS Company Mezcal Cuba Terry Shirt

A fun and fabulous bowling-style shirt that is mustard yellow and dark green. The Oas Company Mezcal Cuba Terry Shirts is made of luxury terry cotton with prints of cactus all over the shirt. As a button-up that will go with anything from jeans to cargo shorts. Nab one if you can, since this is a style that is sold out most of the time by the Oas Company, which makes resort clothing from Sweden.


Tombolo Company “I Like You” Shirt

One of the sexiest printed shirts around is the “I Like You” Shirt from the whimsical Tombolo Company. It’s white with simple red sketches of a couple in the throes of passion on the beach surrounded by palm trees in this truly fun shirt. As a limited edition design by the company in a collaboration with DJ Issac-Hiden-Miller, there are only 500 of these babies being made, so order fast.


Saturdays New York City Canty Garden Short Sleeve Shirt

This printed button-up shirt from Saturdays New York City in their Canty Garden Short Sleeve Shirt comes in three different and very cool styles. The Midnight is navy blue with a light blue floral print, from their seasonal patterns, in a 100 percent Tencel fabric and probably the one that will go best with neutral pants or shorts. The single-needle topstitching is an extra bonus on the bottom hem and the sleeves for this fetching and fun shirt.


Mr. Porter Casablanca Convertible-Collar Printed Silk Shirt

Silk is an ideal fabric for spring. The luxury feel and breathable wear will keep you cool once those temperatures start to rise. The Mr. Porter Casablanca Convertible-Collar Printed Silk Shirt is patterned perfection in four different styles that are bright and airy. Go with the green one that has a fancy ping pong pattern all over the shirt. You can also buy the matching Wide-Leg Printed Silk Drawstring Shorts they offer to complete the monochromatic look. Now, that would be a truly fun look from neck to knee.


OAS Company White Machu Cuba Terry Shirt

The softest terry shirt is this OAS Company White Machu Cuba Terry Shirt. It’s a cool and breathable button-up style that has a red and white print all over it. 100 percent cotton and made in Portugal, you’ll love to rock this style poolside with a cocktail or craft beer cooling in your hand. Designed at their Swedish studio by a company that makes exceptional resort and vacation clothing.


Tombolo Company Gusanito Cabana Shirt

Made of 100 percent organic cotton, the Tombolo Company Gusanito Cabana Shirt is the ideal one to wear in, well…a cabana, of course. The print on the button-up shirt with short sleeves is an agave plant and a bottle of tequila in their pink adobo and parchment-colored pattern. The “gusano” is the worm that’s swimming around in the bottle of Mexican liquor. For another fun touch, the buttons are made of real shells for the ideal beach shirt.


OAS Company Banana Leaf Cuba Terry Shirt

The classic Cuban shirt features an open collar, a shorter sleeve, and a boxy hem. It’s an attractive style that is casual and pretty much works for everyone. The OAS Company Banana Leaf Cuba Terry Shirt is just right for spring with 100 percent cotton terry towel-like material and a fetching banana leaf print all over the shirt in large patterns in light green and tan. A fun shirt with a hipster vibe from the Swedish company that does resort wear with style.


Tombolo Company “Fruta de la Tierra” Cabana Shirt

Another cool and kicky shirt is the Tombolo Company “Fruta de la Tierra” Cabana Shirt. This shirt is a collaboration with Vasquiat and was designed in tandem with Blanca Miró. The color combination is saffron, marron, and beige with a curved collar and embroidered fruit near the bottom hem. Made of 100 percent lightweight and organic cotton terry cloth, this style is perfect for a picnic in the park or playing a round of cornhole at a backyard BBQ with friends to celebrate the nice weather.


Rachel Sard x Tombolo (Pescheria)

The Rachel Sard x Tombolo (Pescheria) shirt is perfect for boating or deep-sea fishing. Not only does it sport a cool fish pattern all over, but it’s also part of a limited edition of only 500 shirts. Pescheria, or “fish market” in Spanish is printed over the pocket and the shirt is made from organic cotton terry cloth with buttons that are made of river shell in a fisheye design. It also doubles as a towel on a beach or pool day.


OAS Company Jelly Viscose Shirt

Want to wear a bit of the sea on your shirt? The OAS Company Jelly Viscose Shirt is a button-up style that features a swimmingly beautiful print of sting-free jellyfish. It’s a cool shirt on a dark black background with glowing jellyfish that’s made of 100 percent viscose, which feels lightweight and effortless.


Tombolo Company Mar di Gras (French Blue)

Another under the sea style is this button-up in the Tombolo Company Mar di Gras (French Blue) shirt. It’s a fun print of sea creatures, like lobsters, sea horses, crabs, and fish with a unique v-shaped pocket. The print is inspired by an old-school 1940s Swedish tapestry. Gorgeous and lush, there are even a few undressed mermaid ladies frolicking with the animals of the ocean. This is the sexy shirt you need for spring.


Tombolo Company Crouching Tiger, Hidden Beverage (Black)

A fun play on words from the movie with a similar name, the Tombolo Company Crouching Tiger, Hidden Beverage in black has a print of tigers and jungle greenery all over it. Made of 100 percent Tencel, it’s original company artwork and their signature v-shaped pocket and button-up style. The Agoya shell buttons complete the look. Be the cool guy, or the fun one, in any room you’re in wearing this killer spring shirt.