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Streetwear? Refined wear? Cozy wear? Check, check, and check. The Fall/Winter 2020 collections find that men’s fashion is more versatile than ever before. This, naturally, being the year of change, it should come as no surprise that the runways were rife with brow-raising styles — styles that, once upon a time, would be seen as gaudy and perverse.

Asos Design Heeled Chelsea Boots

Disco Groovy

Today, however, they’re most welcome, along with the plethora of warming and indulgent pieces that call to mind security blankets.There’s glamour, of that there’s no doubt, but there’s also a sense of serenity. There are nods to the past and bold visions of the future. It’s an evolved mix that provides something for every man, whether you’re the sort who lives in his jeans and T-shirts or is always ready to make a statement in something sharp and unforgettable.

Groove thang? You? Just shake it and accept that this is the season when you finally get to unleash your inner disco king. You probably didn’t realize you were waiting for the opportunity, but if you’re seriously feeling this Balenciaga Crop Faux Fur Jacket, odds are you’ve got an inner child of the 1970s just waiting to unleash. Another must-have addition to the ensemble, should you dare? A pair of heeled boots, like these from ASOS DESIGN. Buy now, thank later.

Print Patrol

The occasional graphic tee has absolutely nothing on the new rules by which designers now abide. Forget the mindset that a splash of print here or there catapults you into daring territory. That’s for schoolboys. The new outlook finds absolutely everything awash in some sort of pattern or another. Abstract brushstrokes are the new all-black, as marvelously depicted on this Topman slim shirt. There’s a little ’80s inspiration thrown into this mix, too. Patterns are fresh and fearless, much like they were during the “me” decade when anything and everything was up for discussion.

Luxe Leather

A little (lot) leather, anyone? Now’s the time if you’ve been eyeing something more than your usual moto-cool jacket. Sure, that’s still relevant — it will always be, no doubt. But there’s room in the biker mentality for other options, too. The runways featured some unexpected contenders, from leather overalls to single-shoulder tops. All felt a bit over-adventurous for, say, the everyday fella’, but who’s to say you don’t have some room in your life for them? Otherwise, go with the tried-and-trusted: a pair of J Brand Mick skinnies.

Right White

Feeling a little relaxed? Embrace that sensation and dress for the occasion in an all-white ensemble. It’s crisp and cool, and it’s decidedly more of a summery addition than something you’d normally think to wear in the fall. But the runways showed a more tranquil side of white, in softer tones that feel a little richer, warmer, and more approachable for the season. To keep things seasonally appropriate, try garments that aren’t quite so white and vivid — think this Neiman Marcus chunky cable-knit turtleneck sweater. It’s a dream on brisk days, or when you’re lounging fireside at the ski resort.

Sleek Silhouettes

Gone are the days of the baggiest silhouettes in the land. If designers have any say — and oh, they do — there’s little room left for out-and-out sportswear. Casual wear is still a thing, of course, and you’d be hard pressed to come across a wardrobe without a plush hoodie or three. But a shift in the paradigm finds designers leaning in a more streamlined direction. The end result is a slimmer, more refined fit. You’ll see it in the easy look of the slim-fit Thompson suit jacket and matching Thompson wool-blend pants from J. Crew Factory.

Short Stories

Once upon a time, a pair of shorts was merely a means to an end — a way to cool down on a balmy day, an option for athletes to wear when breaking a sweat. Today they’re just as integral as dark-rinse denim and button-front dress shirts. They’re decidedly more stylized in this new age, however, and they feel sharp and unfussy at the same time. It could be why, suddenly, no one wants to argue at the thought of wearing a shorts suit. They’re very contemporary, and on a less breezy fall day they exude downright fashion-conscious vibes. Of course, they aren’t for the timid — a glance at this Alain Dupetit short suit will inform you of that — but there’s something adventurous and exciting about taking the occasional style risk.

Whether you’re in it for the runway-worthy designs or just want to branch out and swap your usual suspects for something fresh and unexpected, you’ll find plenty to love in men’s fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2020.